EOHR Calls for Releasing Maadi’s Protesters

December 8th, 2012 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) is deeply concerned about the continuing arresting the peaceful protesters and calls upon the Egyptian government to immediately release the rest of persons accused of attacking the headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood in Maadi. It also calls for providing the accused persons with fair trial safeguards.

South Cairo Prosecution Office accused the following persons:

1-      Adel Mohamed

2-      Omar Ahmed Wageh

3-      Adham Emad

4-      Mohammed Hanafi

5-      Omar Zienhom

6-      Ziad Ali

7-      Ahmed Mosa

8-      Omar Al Sherif

9-      Youssef Al Maghrabi

South Cairo Prosecution Office accused the abovementioned persons with attacking and burning the headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood in Maadi. The prosecution decided keeping 4 accused persons in police custody and released the others after payment of ransom.

It is worthy to mention that not all the accused persons were arrested in the violence location; many of them were arrested while gathering in front of one of the kiosks in the area, 600m from the headquarters, 2 hours after the attack. There are no evidences against being the students involved in the attack. They faced the same charges, but some are still in police custody, including a student lives in the same building; who would not participate in this attack.

In this regard, EOHR calls the prosecutor general to immediately release all the civil protesters in police custody, because of having no charges against them.

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