CSOs Observe the referendum on the new constitution

December 12th, 2012 by Editor

Within the concern of the civil society organizations to have an important, effective and impartial party aiming at the promotion of democracy and the guaranty of the fairness and impartiality of elections in accordance with international standards for free and fair elections.

The undersigned human rights organizations announce its firm desire to monitor and follow-up the referendum on the new constitution draft, scheduled for next Saturday 15 Dec and to cover the entire electoral process from the voters’ polling, counting, and announcement of results along with monitoring the role of the security forces entitled to secure the polling stations as well as the performance of the supervising authority on the referendum. In addition, the human rights organizations will monitor the violations that may occur against voters or election officials inside or outside of the polling stations through a number of qualified and trained human rights activists and monitors with appropriate expertise, in all polling stations in the governorates of the republic.

The undersigned organizations confirm that the monitoring on the course of the referendum process is an integral part of the work of civil society organizations, stressing that the election is a result of a complex process that requires the participation of many parties and stakeholders along with the necessity of real cooperation between the security forces and the supervising authority, monitors and media to achieve the required and desired fairness to protect the people’s opinion and to create suitable democratic atmosphere without restrictions in the sake of having true popular constitution not tainted by false or misleading in a difficult period which the country is going through.


The undersigned organizations:

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights

Andalus Institute for Tolerance and anti-Violence Studies

One World Foundation for Development and Civil Society Care

The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement

The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights

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