Threatening Justice in Egypt

April 24th, 2013 by Editor

On April 24, 2013, the Egyptian organization for Human Rights (EOHR) has issued a report entitled “Threatening Justice in Egypt” discussing the crisis of the Egyptian judiciary after the Egyptian revolution. The crisis began with reducing the number of the Supreme Constitutional Court’s members without any justifications, although it is known that elimination of some judges was targeted. Then the crisis extended to dismissal of the Egyptian Prosecutor General and assigning a new one in addition to referring judges to retirements earlier than the age decided before the revolution. The report covers statements of Muslim Brotherhood leaders regarding drafting a new code for judiciary power.

The report is divided to three chapters:

1-      Independence of judiciary safeguards according to the international standards

2-      Judiciary power within the Egyptian legislations

3-      crisis of the Egyptian judiciary after the Egyptian Revolution

The report stressed on the significance of independence of the Egyptian judiciary according to the Egyptian constitution and the related codes:

          amendment of the code of Egyptian judiciary to guarantee independence of the juridical power according to the UN resolutions related to independence of judiciary

           providing the Egyptian judiciary with the power of constitutional monitoring of new drafted codes

          Cancelling the controls of the Egyptian Ministry of Justice over judiciary and turning the ministry to a state ministry coordinates between the executive and juridical powers

          Cancelling the controls of the president on assigning and dismissing the Egyptian judges

           The prosecution general office should be only mentioning the charges

          Judiciary power assigns, promotes and dismisses judges

          Providing the Egyptian judiciary with separate budget to guarantee separation of powers

          Establishing a new institute for training the new prosecution general office’s staff members

          Guaranteeing sustainability of judges in their positions until the retirement age and issuing no codes aimed at dismissing judges before the retirement age

          Taking suitable security measures aimed at securing the Egyptian courthouses and toughening punishments against those who attack courthouses and prosecution offices 



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