A new lawsuit against political programmes on satellite channels

May 18th, 2013 by Editor

On Saturday, the investment department of the Court of Administrative Justice of the State Council decided to postpone the lawsuit of Sheik Yusuf al-Badri to July 1 in order for the submission of the necessary documents. The lawsuit demands the blocking of the broadcast and cutting of the signal of the talk show called ‘Cairo Today’ hosted by Amr Adeeb and broadcasted by the media channel Orbit, as well as the television programme ‘Here in Cairo’ by Ibrahim Esa on the Cairo Channel. It also targets the TV programmes ‚Here in the Capital’ with Lamees Al-Hadidi on CBC‚’10 pm’ with Wael Al-Ibrashi on the TV channel Dream, ‘The Last Day’ with Mahmud Said on the Al-Nahar TV channel, ‘A Useful Sentence’ with Mona Shadli on MBC, ‘Our Country in Egyptian’ by Reem Maged, ‘Gentlemen’ by Yusef Al-Husseiny on ONTV and the channel Tahrir TV. According to the plaintiff, these television programmes are a threat to national security and violate ethics and Sharia law.


Mr Hafez Abu Saada, may intervene in the case in his capacity as head of the Egyptian Organisation of Human Rights (EOHR).


The EOHR emphasizes that these political programmes, which are critical of authorities and public policy, are legitimate and covered by rights guaranteed under the Egyptian Constitution and international covenants on human rights. Nonetheless, fierce attacks on Egyptian media continue, particularly targeting anyone who speaks out against the public policy of the regime.


Mr Abu Saada stressed the need to stem this campaign against the media, which goes against the freedom of opinion and expression advocated by the 25 January Revolution.


The EOHR stressed it will provide legal support to the defendants in this lawsuit and similar cases.




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