EHOR calls for immediate investigation into assault on Ahmed Abd el-Rahman and Ahmed Ibrahim

June 2nd, 2013 by Editor

The Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights (EOHR) expressed its deep concern with the torture of Ahmed Hamdi Abd el-Rahman and Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Ibrahim  during the hearing of their case at the Criminal Court Al-Tagamu’ Al-Khames on Thursday, May 30, 2013.


EOHR had received a complaint by the two defendants, which led to their imprisonment at the Tora prison with the pending lawsuit No. 49 of 2013 investigating their case. Both defendants were present last Thursday at the Criminal Court Al-Tagamu’ Al-Khames for the hearing of the case. After the hearing was over, they were harmed while being in court custody awaiting transport to Tora prison. The security forces of the court suddenly assaulted them with beatings. As a result, Ahmed Hamdi suffered from a fractured rib and Ahmad Ibrahim from numerous injuries. Afterwards they were transported back to the Tora prison, but the prison refused to admit them due to their injuries. Consequently, they were once more transported back to the Criminal Court where their injuries were registered. Afterwards they were taken back to the prison and put into solitary confinement without receiving the necessary medical treatment. EOHR informed the Egyptian Minister of Interior and the Attorney General about this incident.


EOHR considers the continued reliance on torture in dealing with Egyptian citizens to be extremely dangerous. It is also a violation of the international conventions on torture signed by Egypt which have recently become part of the Egyptian legal system. Torture is also illegal according to Article 36 of the Egyptian constitution which states that ‘any person placed under arrest or incarceration and/or deprived of the freedom thereof in any way shall receive treatment maintaining their human dignity. Such person may not be subjected to intimidation, coercion and/or physical or mental abuse. No person may be detained or incarcerated unless placed in a humanly decent and healthy environment that is subject to judicial supervision.’



EOHR calls upon the Egyptian government to conduct an immediate and urgent investigation of this incident of assault on the two Egyptian citizens Ahmed Hamdi Abd el-Rahman and Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Ibrahim at the Criminal Court Al-Tagamu’ Al-Khames and to hold those involved in the assault legally responsible which would serve as an important deterrent for those tempted to resort to similar behaviour. EOHR also demanded that the victims be provided with the necessary medical treatment for the injuries resulting from the attack.


For his part, Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of EOHR, stressed the necessity to combat crimes of torture in Egypt and most importantly after the revolution on 25 January, which broke out in opposition to this horrible crime. He also pointed out that in order for the fight against torture to be successful Egypt must address two major issues. Firstly, the legal frameworks for rights and public freedoms must be revised.  Secondly, the prevailing culture in society must be modified and a society based on respect for fundamental rights and freedoms of each citizen must be built. Additionally, society must work towards a full reconciliation between the police and the citizens in order to eliminate this crime completely.


Mr. Abu Seada emphasised that torture will lead to a violent society and will eventually lead to anarchy and the abolition of the state of law which guarantees rights and freedoms and shows respect for human rights.


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