EOHR concludes the second training workshop on capacity building of legal experts to deal with the crime of torture

June 13th, 2013 by Editor

   The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) concluded the second training course to build the capacity of legal experts to deal with the crime of torture on Thursday, 13 June 2013, which lasted over Wednesday and Thursday, 12-13 June 2013.

Mr.Tarek Zaghloul, the executive director of EOHR talked about How to document the crime of torture?”, stressing on the importance of documentation of the crime of torture; it’s not just related to receiving an unusual complaint, but also linked to the location of the incident, the reason and seriousness of the claim and the credibility of the information that opens the door to investigating the incident. A lawyer should take special care of the questions asked to the victim and give high attention to the tinny details and observations. Mr. Zaghloul added that “the overall purpose of the documentation is to prove the facts of the alleged torture incidents.

Then Dr. Nadia Helmy, the lecturer of political science at Beni Suef University talked about How to make a complaint in the framework of the United Nations Organizations?”, referring to the importance of the ability of individuals to submit their own complaints to the international mechanisms as a result of defected legal and legislative construction or due to obstacles in front of the individual’s access to legal right against those who have violated his/her fundamental rights. Dr. Helmy added that the international complaining mechanisms are aimed at dealing with individual cases subjected to violations of the state, which is against its commitments to the international human rights standards.

Then Mr. Tarek Zaghloul divided the trainees into working groups to train them on how to document the crime of torture, and how to write a complaint regarding tortured victims, how to b submit the complaints in accordance with the international mechanisms rules. At the end of the last day of the training workshop, Mr. Tarek Zaghloul handed over the training participation certificates to the trainees.




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