EOHR condemns the acts of violence and killings

June 30th, 2013 by Editor

and calls upon all parties for self control

EOHR expresses its deep concern about the regrettable incidents of violence which happened throughout the country on June 29, 2013, at night and in the morning of June 30 during the demonstrations organized by the opposition movement Tamarod. This movement claims having gathered more than 22 million signatures for withdrawing confident to the President Mohamed Morsi and calling for early presidential elections.

Yesterday, in North Sinai governorate, the Brigadier Mohamed Hani, General Inspector of Security in Sinai, was murdered driving his own car in El Arish (capital of North Sinai). The perpetrators are still unidentified. Before him, in the same governorate, another officer was assassinated, Mohamed Abu Shakra (officer in the unit against international terrorism). This morning, in Gharbeya and Dakahleya provinces, the governorate building was closed for both citizens and public employees.

In Port-Said governorate, bombs were thrown on the demonstrators at El Shohadaa square. It resulted in two deaths and dozens of injured. In Alexandria widespread protests led to two deaths, including an American which was stabbed taking pictures of the demonstrations, and 70 wounded, most of them by gunshots.

EOHR considers that the killing of security authorities is a threat to the Egyptian state and a matter of concern for peaceful protest marches. It is turning the pacific mechanism of protest into violence and chaos which lead the country into a dark tunnel.

EOHR demands to all political forces to invite the angry crowd to show restraint and to express their matters and exigencies through peaceful gathering – right guaranteed by both the Constitution and international covenants – in order to protect the country and its citizens.

EOHR condemns the weapons smuggling which provokes violent incidents amongst peaceful demonstrators. Police forces and militaries were able to control vehicles carrying weapons in different areas of the governorates of Egypt fulfilling their role as national authorities. EOHR noted the presence of these forces at the entrances to Cairo searching cars, looking for arms that could be used in illegal ways.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of EOHR, affirmed that the current events in Egypt prove the maturity of the Egyptian street and its ability to deal with the changes. It also shows that the street is not satisfied by the political leadership which clearly failed in dealing with daily problems of citizens but led to a lot of other problems on both political and economic fields. This failure pushed the citizens in the street once again, in the footsteps of the 25 January Revolution.

Mr. Abu Seada added that the continuation of such situation will lead the country into a dark tunnel and to the deterioration of the political, economic and social settings. It will widely open the door to infighting and entering the country in the clutches of the civil war, which means the end of the Egyptian state.

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