A New Wave of Violence

July 1st, 2013 by Editor

16 dead and 738 injured on June 30


The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) followed the events driven by anger against President Mohamed Morsi on Sunday, June 3013. The events were in reaction to the political movement ‘Tamarod’ that had been calling out for Egyptians to declare their rejection of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and announce the withdrawal of their vote of confidence from Mohamed Morsi Ayat as president of the country.

EOHR has observed the death of six civilians around the country and about 738 injuries in sixteen provinces.

Moreover, EOHR room of operations has detected further violations that have been taking place over the past events as follows;

First: Cairo Governorate

An assembly of people demonstrated in front of the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood that is located on Street No. 9 in Mokattam. However, armed members of the brotherhood used firearms on these demonstrators from inside the headquarters, which led to the death of eight demonstrators and the injury of 87 others. It seems that members of the Muslim Brotherhood inside the building had been willing to resort to violence as they had placed sandbags around the entrance of the headquarters which led the protestors to hurl stones and Molotov cocktails towards the building, igniting a fire at the main gates and the front façade of the building.

Second: Minya Governorate

EOHR room of operations followed the clashes that occurred near the headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party at Samalout center where gunfire was used resulting in the injury of four citizens.

Third: Assuit Governorate

EOHR room of operations monitored some forces affiliated to the Islamists that have attacked their opponents using firearms leading to the injury of more than 30 protesters. These protestors were shot by cartridges in various parts of their bodies in the clashes between the pro and against Morsi forces.

Fourth: Beni Suef Governorate

Anti-Morsi demonstrators broke into the headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party in Abrahimeya area throwing the contents of its offices on the streets before setting fire to the building. The protestors also prevented the entrance of fire trucks that had come to put out the fire at the building. Gunshot was also used, killing a man around the area.

Fifth: Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate

Hundreds of demonstrators set fire to all the contents of the Freedom and Justice Party in the village, Brolos. One person was killed in the demonstrations in which people chanted slogans against the Muslim Brotherhood, demanding the resignation of President Morsi.

Sixth: Luxor Governorate

EOHR operations room monitored the demonstrations that took place in Esna Center located in the south of Luxor. A march was organized by citizens demonstrating against President Morsi starting at Heuss of Esna and walked around all the streets of the city. However, when the marchers approached the headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party in Esna, members of the Muslim Brotherhood inside it used firearms against the marchers.

 Seventh: Sharkeya Governorate

Hundreds of demonstrators in the village, Nazlet Khian under Abu Qeer Center cut the bar rail, and protested in front of the train No. 36 coming from Kafr Saqr of the city of Zagazig, in solidarity with the demonstrators in Tahrir Square. The protestors raised several banners condemning the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, demanding the immediate departure of President Morsi.

Eighth: Fayoum Governorate

EOHR operations room monitored skirmishes that took place in front of the Freedom and Justice Party Square at Masallah Square in Fayoum, which members of the Muslim Brotherhood had been surrounding in support of the legitimacy of Morsi as president. However, these members were bombarded with bricks and stones hurled at the headquarters by a number of young people. Clashes occurred between the two sides and gunshots were heard, but its source remained unknown.

Ninth: Beheira Governorate

EOHR operations room followed violent clashes that took place at Housh Issa. Firearms between demonstrators and members of the front of the Freedom and Justice Party took place, resulting in the injury of about 312 people with gunshot wounds as well as cuts and bruises around their bodies.

According to official statements by the Ministry of Health, the death toll during the demonstrations that took place on June 30 was raised to 16.  Moreover, 738 injures have been reported on the same day as well.

In light of these happenings, EOHR calls all political entities to express their thoughts and demands through peaceful assemblies, which is a right guaranteed by the Constitution and International Covenants.

EOHR condemns the attempts of burning the different headquarters of the Freedom and Justice Party and its offices. The organization also completely denounces the acts of terrorizing members of the Muslim Brotherhood and denounces their own acts in using weapons against the peaceful demonstrators and marchers across the governorates.

EPHR acclaims the positive stance of the police force and the army as they have both protected peaceful demonstrators. These forces formed a surprise attack, ‘El Salam’ in the Marg area with which they managed to capture 15 defendants that have tried smuggling weapons to Rabaa’ El Adaweyya Square to be used against peaceful demonstrators.

The police force also managed to ensure security on the Desert Road under the Department of Department of Alameyya 2, which had managed to capture 18 bearded smugglers carrying three bags loaded with illegal weaponry. The bags carried a variety of weapons such as a rifle cartridge “Churchill’s Gold”, individual homemade cartridges, armor vests, and 72 rounds of cartridges 12-gauge.

Moreover, a police officer managed to capture a number of 26 people in a flat in Mokattam that were in possession of hardware that would set up Molotov cocktails, as well as 18 helmets and protective vests, 9 daggers and a number of knives and other weaponry. Owner of the apartment confirmed that 3 Palestinians had rented the flat for a period of 15 days starting June 25.

Mr. Hafez Abu Saada President of EOHR affirmed that the current happenings only indicate the political ripeness on the Egyptian streets and its ability to deal with changes in the arena. Egyptians have shown dissatisfaction with the political leadership, which has clearly failed in dealing with everyday problems of the citizens, but also led to a lot of other problems both at the political and economic levels, prompting citizens to revolt once more after January 25 revolution.

Mr. Saada stated that the persistence of the situation as such will lead to the deterioration of the political, economic, social situation, as it opens the door to a possibility of a civil war, which would threaten the continuation of the Egyptian state.

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