EOHR calls the new Administration for guaranteeing fair trial to the former regime representatives and for accelerating national reconciliation

July 4th, 2013 by Editor

EOHR congratulates the Egyptian people for the victory of its will in achieving their legitimate demands and completing the 25 January Revolution path against tyranny. It marks the return of the revolution in its natural track by starting a new constitution for the country, meeting the demands of the various forces and building state institutions away from the control of any particular political faction. The national cohesion will achieve only  in combining all standpoints of the Egyptian people in one pot.


EOHR stresses that the demonstrations on June 30, which gathered more than 20 million of Egyptians, following the Rebellion campaign (Tamarod) which collected signatures for withdrawing confidence from the President, finally led to the isolation of Mohamed Morsi. During the past year, he failed to answer to the people demands, to implement the necessary political, economic and social reforms, as well as to prevent the persistence of human rights violations. The fact that the President of the Constitutional Court took the reins of power is in accordance with the constitutional rules recognized in the previous Egyptian constitutions. It is similar to what happened after the death of President Anwar Sadat; the one who assumed the interim presidency was the President of the Parliament, Dr. Sufi Abu Taleb, until the election of a new president.


EOHR stresses that, in these historical circumstances, the new Administration inherited a huge burden concerning the economic problems and numerous crises. It should be confident in the Egyptian street which came out in demonstrations, described as the greatest in modern history. It should seek full force to achieve the demands of the street and the ordinary citizen in solving the economic problems, the energy crisis and the inflation of food prices. It should also work hard to ensure the State of law and stable political institutions, as well as accelerating the construction of a national consensus involving all political factions of the country as partners.


EOHR calls the new Administration for respecting and ensuring human rights for all citizens with equality, especially concerning the freedom of opinion and expression. The roadmap of the Armed Forces announced the issuance of a Charter respecting the Media freedom of opinion and expression and guaranteeing freedom of satellite channels. EOHR emphasizes on the need to form an independent authority, composed of satellite channels representatives and reputed media personalities, for training the personnel of these channels to focus on content devoid of racism, hate, religious extremism and defending the acceptance of others (whatever the ideological differences), the values of tolerance, freedoms and refuting any kind of violence.


As demanded by EOHR and based on the principles of the International Bill of Human Rights, the right of former regime figures to a fair and equitable trial has to be guaranteed in this critical period. No political, religious or ideological divergences should interfere; they are sons of Egypt, whatever the differences. This is fundamental to build a nation respecting human rights and ensuring the rights of every citizen.

Finally, it is only left the claim for starting without delay the national reconciliation among all political factions ensuring all civil and religious currents. It is essential to accept all political forces, without excluding any faction or political movement, and to work on the integration of these political forces in the public sphere, in accordance with the standards and principles of democracy, good governance and human rights.


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