Congregation of 76 Egyptian Human Rights Organizations

July 8th, 2013 by Editor

Our message to the world and the international community The 30th of June is an integrated revolution and a people’s choice of the right to self-determination


Out of our belief of the values of human rights and laws and the values of citizenship and equality as well, the undersigned civil society organizations -which are always concerned with the national public affaires and usually play historical pivotal role in the revolution of January 25 and all the Arab spring revolutions as well in spite of the deliberate exclusion from the political and social scene since January 2011 as punishment for their great enlightening and creative role that develop  mechanisms and system of human rights and defense concepts that influenced the mainstream of the Egyptian society-launches a cry to the world and the international community, who determine the revolution of June 30 -which is a miracle of humanity that stunned the whole world- in a dogmatic concept that is based on the legal texts of some countries or the faded regional conventions or political and strategic interests and call it military coup and not a popular revolution, therefore the undersigned human rights organizations emphasize that they were witnesses and field investigators on what happened by the Egyptian people of all classes and groups and sectors in an unprecedented humanitarian epic – more than 28 million citizens have gone to squares over three days of all Egyptian cities, villages and rural areas demanding early presidential elections and expressing their rejection of this political regime that has plagued their strength, freedom and dignity trying to dominate and control all national institutions, in addition to the increasing incidents of violence in the country in an unprecedented way and the arrest of about 3809 people and the killing of a large number of people and the kidnapping of seven soldiers on Thursday, May 16, 2013 by unknown  gunmen in northern Sinai (three policemen and four soldiers from the army, near the town of El Arish in the Green Valley area of northern Sinai, has been kidnapped without the arrest of the perpetrators).

Beside, during Morsi’s era, the number of military trials for civilians was 88 cases while the number of charges of insulting the president have been directed to 24 persons.

In this context, the undersigned civil society organizations intend to visit the diplomatic missions and to address the ambassadors of all countries and to contact international organizations and to send letters to all countries of the world to deliver the voices of more than 40 million Egyptians who are demanding change and progress through their choice which has been embodied in the 30th of June, in the meantime, they emphasize some key facts:

  1. 1.      The Egyptian human rights organizations are objective and neutral witnesses who work through their reference of the international covenants on human rights and that they never had position or interest in supporting any of the current or the previous political regimes and believe what has happened is the embodiment of an actual right to self-determination enshrined in the International Bill.
  2. 2.      The undersigned human rights organizations strongly condemn the violence perpetrate by any party and they are concerned by the increasing cases of abuse and the murder of peaceful protesters carried out by groups of the former president whom the human rights organizations are sure they possess weapons and ammunition. Also, these organizations are concerned with the bloody scenes broadcasted via television and the Internet like throwing some citizens from rooftops and then killing them with weapons, and appeal to such organized and armed groups to immediately stop these inhuman practices and to be engaged in the comprehensive democratic process and the national reconciliation with all segments of the Egyptian society.
  3. 3.      The undersigned human rights organizations demand the Egyptian armed forces and the President Mr. Adli Mansour and the expected Prime Minister to confirm on the civilian nature of the state and the democratic scene and to speed up in taking the necessary steps towards the effective democratic transition.
  4. 4.      The undersigned human rights organizations appeal to the State to speed up the issuance of legislations relating to the transitional justice system with the involvement of the elements of accountability, compensation and institution-building.
  5. 5.      The undersigned human rights organizations demand their engagement in the processes associated with the democratic transition because without the participation of these organizations one side of this state will remain suffer from chronic problems as these organizations have huge experience in the areas of development and human rights, women and children, communication and many other issues.
  6. 6.      The undersigned human rights organizations calls upon all elements of the political process in Egypt to adhere to democracy and human rights regardless of the current conditions and disturbances to preserve the gains of the revolution regardless of the price.
  7. 7.      The undersigned human rights organizations emphasize that they will remain an oversight on the situation of human rights and democracy and respect for the rights and freedoms guaranteed in international conventions to all Egyptians and it will respond to all violations and breaches regardless of the perpetrator.
  8. 8.      The undersigned human rights organizations call for the State institutions, including the military forces to work on overcoming the transitional phase to ensure the achievement of the goals of the revolution and to access to justice and Democracy.
  9. 9.      Finally, the undersigned human rights organizations demand the international community with his governments, parliaments and official and unofficial organizations to back and support the democratic process in Egypt and to closely follow up what is happening on the ground to ensure the democratic and cultural orientation of the second wave of the Egyptian revolution.


1. The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists 2. Arab Organization for Penal Reform 3. Arab Foundation for the support of civil society and human rights 4. The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights 5. The Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement 6. The Egyptian Association for the defense of victims of medical negligence 7. Human Rights Center for the Assistance of Prisoners 8. Arab awareness  Center 9. Center for Egyptian Women’s legal aid 10. Women and Memory Forum 11. Law Institute for Training and Studies 12. Cairo Center for Development and Human Rights 13. Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies 14. The Egyptian Center for Housing Rights 15. Word Center for Human Rights 16. The Egyptian Association for  legal awareness development and dissemination 17.  Women development forum 18. Women lawyers and freedoms Association 19. Association of hard work 20. National Assembly for human development and human rights. \ 21. Egyptian Foundation for Training and Human Rights 22. The Egyptian Association for Civic Education 23. Center for Alternative Development Studies 24. Arab Defense Association 25. Aid Association for Human Rights 26. One World Foundation for Development and Human Rights 27. women’s rights  first foundation 28. Refaa Tahtawy  Forum for Democratic Studies 29. Voters  Foundation /supporting Democracy for Development. 30. Ahmed Abdullah Rosa foundation for  Development 31. Arab Bureau of Law 32. New World Foundation for Development 33. Free human center for rights ts and Freedoms 34. Egyptian rights  Centre for Development and Human Rights 35. Egyptian Democratic academy 36. Egyptian labors  Association for Development 37. Arab Spring Institute for democratic  transition studies 38. homeland Without Borders center (watan) 39. Arab House Foundation for Human Rights 40. Nations Association for Human Rights (Alumam)

41. Goal( hadaf) association for human rights

42. OUN Center Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy 43. The Human Rights Association in Assiut 44. Visions Center for Human Rights Studies and Development 45. Egyptian Social Observatory 46. Citizenship Land Association for human rights 47. Support Center legal Aladarat lawyer 48. Intellectual system of the law firm 49. The messages Tomorrow Foundation for Development and Human Rights 50. International Center to support the rights and freedoms 51. National Association for rights  and freedoms defense 52. CEDAW Center for Democracy and human rights 53. Nile Center for  Media and legal Studies 54. Conscience Center for Law and Human Rights 55. Center for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders 56. The Egyptian Association for technological development 57. Mother Association for Development 58. Egyptian Foundation for Family Development 59. Habi Center for  environmental rights 60. Association of human communication and improvement 62. The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights 63. The Egyptian Center for Human Rights 64. The Egyptian Association for participation and sustainable development 65 Egyptian Center to support citizenship and human rights 66 Scream/sarkha  Center for Human Rights

67 new woman foundation

68 shaifenkom movement

69 Lesah AI-Amani Momkena Association For development

70 Helmena Association for Comprehensive development

71 Maakom Association For social Aids

72 Goezor Association For Comprehensive Development

73 Social Care Association

74 Dialogue For Development and Human Rights

75 AL- Nakib Center For Training and Development

76 Shabab EL- Tahrir Foundation For Development  




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