EOHR calls for an immediate investigation on the incidents at the Republican Guard headquarters

July 8th, 2013 by Editor

EOHR condemns all acts of violence which spread in the country these last days; especially the incidents which occurred at dawn on July 8, 2013 in front of the Republican Guard headquarters, resulting in 42 deaths and 322 injuries amongst citizens, as well as the death of a police officer and the injury of many soldiers (6 are still in critical condition).

The stories differed as the events developed. The Armed Forces affirm that an armed terrorist group tried to break in the Republican Guard headquarters, in Salah Salem Street, and that they attacked the security forces (militaries and civilian police). On the other hand, the Muslim Brotherhood protestors affirmed that the security forces started fire against the protesters supporting the ousted President.

Despite of the different versions on the events course, it is still clearly visible that Egyptians have been killed, whatever their political, religious or ethnic affiliation, while protesting in front of the Republican Guard headquarters.

EOHR has already warned against the threat of escalation in the violence that has been made by the Brotherhood leaders, as their threat to bring back the ousted President by force. The question of his return is the real cause of the violence and such violence will undoubtedly lead to the declination of the situation in Egypt.

EOHR emphasizes the importance of the right to life and the right to demonstrate peacefully. Moreover, it rejects any acts of violence or vandalism in the name of preserving the security of the country and its citizens which threatens the Egyptian states and provokes internal and sectarian violence. Thus, the authorities are required to deal firmly with the course of events at the headquarters and look into the incident to bring the perpetrators to trial.

Mr. Hafez Abu Saada, Head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights declared that the January 25 and the June 30 Uprisings will only truly succeed if all the political and social groups in the country communicated together peacefully, as using violence will only result in harming the country along with all its groups.

Mr. Abu Saada called for opening an immediate investigation which would be independent from all the on-events, and thus unbiased. He urged the military to issue the details of the incident to demonstrate the facts to all Egyptian people. He insisted that the army would provide those involved in the killing of demonstrators and soldiers to the judiciary for prosecution.


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