Bloody events in Sinai: 5 civilians died and 15 injured

July 15th, 2013 by Editor

EOHR condemns the terrorist activities in Sinai

EOHR expresses its deep concern about the terrorist actions which occurred in Sinai last Monday, July 15, 2013, early in the morning. There were 5 civilian deaths, amongst which were two children, and 15other injuries.

Many terrorist actions have been led in Sinai. The first one occurred at 1.00 a.m. Monday, when unidentified gunmen fired a RPG missile on a bus transporting 20 workers on their way back from their factory, Sinai Cement, to their houses in El Arish. The bus deviated of its course and caught fire, which led to 3 dead and left 15 wounded.

This event was immediately followed by another terrorist action: unidentified gunmen attacked the police headquarter under construction of El Hassana Center for central Sinai. A missile destroyed parts of the building and then bullets were fired against the headquarters, which is used as a break place by the security forces of central Sinai. Fire Exchanges between both sides lasted for about a half hour and caused the death of two children (12-years-old and 17-years-old). 

The last incident occurred when unknowns placed an explosive device in the path of an armored vehicle which was transporting soldiers in charge of the security of the international road ‘Sheikh Zowaid – Rafah’ in El Wefaq region (west of Rafah). By luck, the device exploded a few moments before the arrival of the armored vehicle.

EOHR believes that the state should hold the Muslim Brotherhood accountable for these terrorist actions; especially after the some of its leaders released statements declaring that the situation in Sinai is dependent on the return of Mohamed Morsi as president of the country, and threatening that it will only worsen if he does not.

EOHR believes that the targeting of institutions and military installations in Sinai threatens the national security of the country, and that confirms that the Muslim Brotherhood is not concerned with the state of the country, but that they put their personal interests first.

Therefore, EOHR demands the arrest of those who promote violence in Sinai to ensure the safety of the Egyptian citizens.

Mr. Hafez Seada, Head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights urged the government as well as the Egyptian armed forced to stand up against those that that have been threatening the national security by carrying illegal weaponry and terrorizing the citizens of Sinai.

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