EOHR condemns the incitement to violence

July 20th, 2013 by Editor

Four women killed in the incidents of Mansoura


EOHR strongly condemns the killings of four women and the injury of more than 200 people in the events that took place in El Tera’a Street in Mansoura on July 19, 2013. It is a stark violation of the right to life. EOHR calls the State for assuming its responsibility in securing the demonstrators and separating the supporters of the ousted President and his opponents. It also demands to the Brotherhood leaders to cease speeches inciting to violence and to stop shedding the blood of innocent.


The Muslim Brotherhood announced a march starting after the Friday prayer from Mansoura stadium to Abd El Salam Arif Street, and then to El Tera’a Street. It resulted in the outbreak of altercations between the marchers and the opponents of Morsi. When the march arrived at El Teraa Street the altercations turned into violent clashes between both sides. Four women were killed and more than 200 people were seriously wounded.


In this context, EOHR calls the Brotherhood leaders for refraining from incitement speeches. One illustration of these speeches is the three bodies found near the wall of Sakiet Mekki metro station, next to the remnants of El Nahda sitters, with stab wounds throughout the victims’ bodies, which confirm that they have been killed at El Nahda and El Giza squares. They have suffered banditry, after what the perpetrators get rid of their bodies in hiding them inside ‘canvas’ sacks and throw them near to Sakiet Mekki metro station.


EOHR emphasizes the importance of the right to peaceful assembly. Also, taking part in the country’s political sphere and especially political discussions is of vital importance at this time as it helps shift people’s need for violence and bloodshed.


Hafez Abu Seada, Head of EOHR calls all involved parties in stopping the violence that only rips apart the Egyptian society. He urges the Egyptian authorities to bring in those who incite violence and to them to free and fair trials to ensure total protection to all Egyptians.


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