EOHR calls for a presidential pardon for the rebels

July 22nd, 2013 by Editor

The EOHR calls Adli Mansour the interim president to acquit the protestors of Tahrir Square who have been arrested under the ousted president Mohamed Morsi. Most, if not all, of the cases appeared to have been filed under fabricated charges.

During its ruling, the Muslim Brotherhood government has tried controlling all the authorities inside the country. It also repeatedly tried silencing all entities that shaped the opposition; politicians, protestors, and the media. The government had started using the same repressive tactics used by the Mubarak’s regime, and ended up distorting the image of the rebels who are the heart of the Egyptian revolution.

EOHR acknowledges the acquittal for both of Ahmed Doma and Hassan Mustafa, and hopes that the rest of the activists receive more acquittals as they have only tried to defend the public rights and freedoms.

Hafez Seada, Head of EOHR has confirmed that the idea of charging political and revolutionary figures restrains the leaders who risked their own freedoms and spoke up to demand better political, economic and social conditions for the country.  




No. 2828, year 2013, Qasr ElNil Jurisdiction, case no. 100, Downtown Cairo.

  1. 1.       ElAboudy Ibrahim Saied Ahmed
  2. 2.       Ahmed Hassan Mohamed Alblbissy

The first defendant has been charged with imprisonment  for 3 years, and  the second has been charged with 5.


No. 49, year 2013, Darb El Ahhmar Jurisdiction, case no. 96, South Cairo.

  1. 1.       Ahmed Hamdy Abdelrhaman Hamoud
  2. 2.       Hamada Badawy Mohamed (Hamada ElMasry)
  3. 3.       Amr Adel Ahmed Mohamed (Amr Elfelistiny)
  4. 4.       Abdelrahman Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim (Boudy)
  5. 5.       Ahmed Hassan Ahmed (Ahmed ElBlbisy)
  6. 6.       Mohamed Abdelmo’ty Ahmed Khalil (Mohamed ElMasry)
  7. 7.       The lawsuit has been reserved for the decide in the session of 29/7/2013

Specific consideration of session 30/5/2013.

No. 995, year 2013, Bolak Abu El Ela Jurisdiction, case no. 96, Central Cairo.

  1. 1.       Hamada Badawy Mohamed Mohamed
  2. 2.       Ahmed Saeid Abdelrazek

The session has been postponed to 28/7/2009 allow the defendant to attend.


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