EOHR Condemns the Acts of Violence

July 23rd, 2013 by Editor

Causalities at the hands of the Morsi supporters

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) condemns the violence perpetrated by the supporters of former president Mohamed Morsi on the Egyptian streets yesterday, 22 July, 2013 which lead to the deaths of two protestors in Tahrir square, six others in Giza.

EOHR calls the Egyptian authorities to enforce the laws to protect the Egyptian people from any attacks and to arrest all those that are terrorizing the citizens.

Clashes took place yesterday after a pro-Morsi march of around 100 people moved from the Supreme Court to the U.S embassy, passing by Tahrir Square. Protestors in Tahrir Square started to panic as the degree of violence kept on escalating.

Security forces fired tear gas to separate the Pro and Against Morsi protesters hoping to stop the march before reaching the headquarters of the U.S embassy.

Armed forces surrounded the area to stop the clashes. However, there were many injuries as both parties hurled stones at each other and the the pro-Morsi protestors started using knives and Molotov cocktails, increasing the number of injuries even more.

Moreover, more clashes took place yesterday between the supporters of the ousted president and the residents of Giza after the Morsi supporters attacked them with firearms, terrorizing their opponents for hours. According to many eyewitnesses, it was the Pro-Morsi supporters that have started using violence and firearms on the people. Two cars were also set on fire in front of a “El Saadia” school near El Nahda Square which led to an escalation of fumes from the cars.

The EOHR reaffirms that these happenings are considered as violations of the principle of the right to live, as these actions are fundamentally contrary to human dignity and provocative to all the citizens.

Accordingly EOHR calls for an immediate and urgent investigation in the circumstances to detect the people in charge of these violations and present them to the law.

Hafez Abu Seada, Head of EOHR affirms that violence will never be an option to get the problems solved, and a peaceful dialogue is a must for turning the page to build a modern democratic Egypt.

He also stressed that the violent actions of the Muslim Brotherhood will only lead to further bloodshed. What is needed here is to merge the group, and enter the political process of the survival of the rule of law and the state of of human rights, especially that the committee of national reconciliation ultimately aims at removing tension and division in the Egyptian street.

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