EOHR condemns the terrorist assault that targeted the police office of Mansoura

July 24th, 2013 by Editor

And calls the Ministry of Interior to arrest the perpetrators and present them to justice

EOHR condemns the bomb attack against the Police Office “Mansoura 1” in Dakahleya, on the first floor of the Security Directorate building of Dakahleya. The attack occurred on July 24, 2013, in the morning, killing one soldier and injuring about 29 others seriously. Their names are :

Mahmud Mohamed Ahmed, Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Raouf, Mohamed El Sayed Mohamed, Hassan Sami Anwar, Ahmed Nabil Ahmed, Ahmed El Mutawali Samurah, Ahmed Adel Ibrahim, Tharwat Abdel Samya Mohamed, Abbas Mohamed Abbas, Mohamed Reda Abdel Maqsoud, Hussein Hamed Hussein, Hosni Marsa Ibrahim, Hassan Mohamed Moawad, Mohamed Abdel Hamid, Abdel Salam Mohamed Abdel Salam, Ali Essam Shaaban, Hassan Morsi, Nabil Mohsen Mohamed, Ahmed Aladdin, and four others unidentified. In addition the assault caused material damages such as the burning of Central Security cars, as well as the collapse of the back door of the building giving access to the ammunition stock of the Security Directorate of Dakahleya. The collapse was due to the intensity of the explosion. 

The organization denounces this terrorist action that targeted our soldiers who stay up to take care of this country and serve its citizens. EOHR calls the Ministry of Interior for quickly finding out the perpetrators identity and their political affiliation in order to present them to justice. It also calls for increasing the efforts of the Ministry of Interior for detecting the terrorist plans to preserve the security and the future of the country.

EOHR renews its demand for maintaining security in the country and preventing further shedding of Egyptian blood. That comes through turning the page of the past and opening a door for dialogue based on the preservation of the Egyptian state. All forces should renounce their personal interests for the country’s reconciliation.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the head of EOHR, stressed that the current events are getting all innocents terrorized and reveals the existence of a premeditated plan to drag the country into a civil war. He also calls all parties for stopping the bloodshed and keeping the country’s interests above the ones of certain groups or individuals.

Moreover, Mr. Abu Seada warned of the consequences of violence on the country as it will lead to the destruction of the Egyptian state, an issue that everyone must be accountable for.

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