EOHR deplores the violent incidents and asks all entities to refrain from using violence

July 27th, 2013 by Editor

46 dead and 357 injured in yesterday events


EOHR strongly condemns the events that took place yesterday in Alexandria and at ElGondy ElMaghool Memorial in Nasr City.


Eight people were killed and 118 were injured in Alexandria. Furthermore, 38 others died in Nasr City and 239 were wounded.


EOHR asks all entities to refrain from using violence in order to protect the Egyptian nation.


The clashes between supporters of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi and his opponents have escalated at Qa’ed Ibrahim Mosque. Moreover, the Raml Station area in the center of Alexandria turned into a battlefield as hit and run clashes erupted between both sides that started using stones and bullets. The clashes spread into the side streets, damaging many shops in Safeya Zaghloul Street. As a result, police forces interfered to break up the clashes, and threw tear gas canisters. Then military force followed by entering the area where the clashes took place. The clashes in the area resulted in 8 deaths and more than 118  injuries.


In Nasr City, about 2000 supporters of the ousted President tried to block 6th October Bridge until that the police forces stopped them and forced them to go down from the top of the bridge.


Furthermore, Pro-Morsi supporters closed up the roads of Nasr City completely by extending their tents to Nasr Road till the Gondy ElMaghool Memorial, expanding their sit ins that starts from Rab’a El Adawia.


Security forces prevented clashes between the two sides around the area by using tear gas. However, the protestors responded by hurling stones and cartouche at the security forces, leading to the death of 38 people and leaving more than 239 injured.  


EOHR calls all entities to refrain from inciting violence, stressing that what is happening now is a violation of the right to life stipulated by all the international covenants of human rights.


Hafez Abu Saada, Head of EOHR stressed that what is happening reveals that parties involved do not oppose dragging the country into a civil war. He urges on all parties to stop the bloodshed and to consider the country’s best interest rather than personal gains and interests.


Lastly, EOHR calls for conducting an immediate investigation regarding the events that took place yesterday, and asks for a rapid issuance of a report that would bring those involved in the violence to fair trials.  

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