EOHR forms an Observatory for Violence

July 30th, 2013 by Editor

EOHR announces the formation of an « Observatory for Violence » to take over effectively the current events as terrorist actions and violent incidents damaging the rights of Egyptian citizens throughout the country. It will register death cases caused by violent or terrorist acts.


The observatory started its work in monitoring the violent incidents which occurred last Friday night, July 26, 2013, on the 6th October Bridge and in front of the Memorial in Nasser City. These bloody events have been followed by violent incidents in Port Said, El Sharkeya and North Sinai governorates over the past four days.


On Friday night, following the end of pro army demonstrations against violence and terrorism, clashes occurred between supporters of the President Mohamed Morsi and the police in the street of the Victory Memorial in Nasser City. The pro Morsi tried to build a concrete wall closing the way and paralyzing the traffic. In response the police dealt with the problem in using live ammunition against the gathered citizens. As for, it resulted in 79 civilian dead. The Forensic Medical Authority affirmed that most of the death cases were due to gunshots in the head, as in various part of the body. In Alexandria governorate, the clashes between supporters of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi and his opponents have escalated at Qa’ed Ibrahim Mosque. Moreover, the Raml Station area in the center of Alexandria turned into a battlefield as hit and run clashes erupted between both sides that started using stones and bullets. The clashes spread into the side streets, damaging many shops in Safeya Zaghloul Street. As a result, police forces interfered to break up the clashes, and threw tear gas canisters. Then military force followed by entering the area where the clashes took place. The clashes in the area resulted in 12 deaths and more than 180 people injured by live ammunition in the head or chest.


Moreover, violent clashes erupted on Sunday, 28 July, 2013 in Port Said Governorate between Pro-Morsi supporters and residents of the area surrounding Mary Gerguis Chruch. The clashes resulted in two deaths : the first one is Mohammed Ali El Deen, 18-year-old, who died of a shot at the back of his head. The second one is Sherif Ahmed Rady, 25-year-old, died of internal bleeding after that bullets pierced his back and settled down in his liver. Twenty-nine others were injured in the area.


In North Sinai Governorate, gunmen attacked the Security Directorate of North Sinai used an American-made ballistic missile in their attack, a 168 cm and a diameter of 25 cm, leading to the injury officers; Ahmed El Qassas, Mohammed Oshba, Ayman El Shennawy and Ashraf Alzemany. The third floor of the building was also damaged as a missile was fired there. The Arish Station no. 3 was also damaged for the same reason. The “Khourba” Station at Sheikh Zayed, Maleh Square, Areesh Farm and airports were all ambushed as well. An armed soldier was shot during clashes in a farm near Arish area.


Earlier today in Areesh; 29 July, 2013, an attack on security forces took place, killing the soldier Mahmoud Ali Mohamed (22 years old), and the injury of the following soldiers: Ahmed Abbas Ismail, Amir ElSayed Hegazy, Rami Shaker El Sayed, Mahmoud Dahi Marie, ElSayed Ramadan ElSayed, Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel Gawad, Mohamed El Sayed Mubarak, and Essam Mohamed Shehata. These soldiers all suffered from gunshot wounds and were taken to El-Arish Military Hospital.


Furthermore, gunmen attacked a number of security centers in Rafah, at Safa area, targeting a camp and security barracks in this region. These attaches resulted in the injury of a child who was shot. 

The security forces at Areesh Airport were also attacked, and soldier Ahmed Hamed (22 years old) was shot in the abdomen, was transferred to the military hospital.


Abu Hashish area witnessed clashes by unknown entities that ascended October Bridge and launched bullets, cartridges and Molotov upon the residents, and passerbys.

A security forces soldier of Torah province named Salah Issa Ahmed was kidnapped while he was passing by “Rab’a ELAdawia, where it is assumed that some of the protesters have abducted.


Also altercations occurred among the supporters and the opponents of the ousted president in Zagazig, specifically in the Farouk street and the farming district, after the supporters had chanted against the Armed Forces , angring the residents of the area, and resulting in the occurrence of clashes in which firearms and white weapons were used.


On July 30, 2013, many terrorist attacks have been led against Sheikh Zayed and El Arish 3 police stations, El Arish fire department and the central security camp in Rafah.

These assaults resulted in the death of two soldiers (Mohamed Eid Fouad, and Ahmed Mohamed El Bilbeisi) and a policemen, Mohamed Shelmy Ahmed ; A fourth has been wounded (Ibrahim Saleh, policemen).


In Ismailia governorate, clashes occurred between supporters of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi and the locals around the security directory of Ismailia. The security forces had closed Mohamed Ali Street with railings to prevent the arrival of the march. Locals and pro Morsi fought with stones and fireworks. 17 civilian were injured.


In Dakahleya governorate, the young Islam Ramadan, 18-year-old, died at Talkha hospital after that supporters of the ousted President attacked him in front of the Olympic Village. They beat him with a piece of iron and then stabbed him with a sharp knife in his chest.


Hafez Abu Seada, Head of EOHR stressed that violence only leads to more violence and stressed that all political parties should agree to get passed this critical stage. He urged the protesters to abide by the international standards of the right to peacefully protest.


The following table shows the number of deaths :

Date The Number of deaths Civilians The armed forces and the police


July 27, 201387 citizens

(79 ElNasr st.+ 8 Alex.) Capt. Sherif ElSeba’y

Officer at the Central SecuritySunday,

July 28, 20132 deaths, 5 militants injuredMohamed Ali ElDin Atiia, 18 years old

Unknown body next to the sit-fourth with torture effects4 officers are injured (Ahmed ElKassas, Mohamed Oshba, Ayman ElShnwany, Ashraf Elzmrany)


A soldier was shot during the clashes.Monday,

July 29, 2013A soldier dead and 10 citizens injured (9 soldiers + child)One of the children injured by shrapnel during the attackThe soldier Mahmoud Ali Mohamed (22 years old)

And each of (Ahmed Abbas Ismail, Amir ElSaied Hegazy, Ramy Shaker El Saied, Mahmoud Dahy Marey, ElSaied Ramadan ElSaied, Mahmoud Mohamed Abdelgawad, Mohamed ElSaied Mubarak, Essam Mohamed Shehata, Ahmed Hamed Ali).Tuesday,

July 30, 20134 deaths and 18 people injuredIn North Sinai governorate :

3 deaths + 1 person wounded In Ismailia governorate :

17 people wounded        Khaled Kamel

        Hamed Ibrahim

        Suleiman El Hawt

        Osama Santos

        Walid Mustafa

        Alaa Mohamed

        Mohamed Mousa

        Micho Bashoy

        Karim El Nady

–        Loay MahmudIn Dakahleya governorate :

1 death        Islam Ramadan



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