Observatory for Violence: 3 dead and 23 injured during violent clashes in the last couple of days.

August 1st, 2013 by Editor

The “observatory of violence” formed by EOHR continued monitoring the violent clashes that took place during the last couple of days in the country, which formed a threat to the Egyptian national security and a stark exposure to the Egyptian sovereignty. These clashes open the door to  internal struggles that may lead the country to the brinks of a civil war, and this is what EOHR warns of and demands the state to deal firmly with whoever is tempted to divide the Egyptian state into sects or/and political parties.

The observatory monitored the violent clashes that took place in different Egyptian Governorates. In North Sinai, a security point near one of the hotels in “Al Arish” was exposed to an armed attack, where some gunmen injured one of the soldiers, who was taken to Al Arish Military Hospital. Also, some terrorists broke into a military camp in Safa district in Rafah, and opened the fire on a security zone where a soldier, called Mahmoud Fathi Mohamed, was shot dead. Moreover, a group of terrorists opened their fires on a security zone in Dahia city in Al Arish which resulted in the death of one of the soldiers, Mahmoud Sayed Ahmed, 21years old, with a gunshot. Also, a grenade was detected in a car of two suspects who were caught before in Al Raysa ambush in East of Al Arish, and an explosive was implanted in the road of a tank which belonged to the security forces scattered in West of Al Arish regions, but it exploded before the arrival of the military tanks leading to zero losses.

On the other hand, in Giza Governorate, precisely in the Talibya district in Al Haram, some clashes took place between some of the shop owners and pro-Morsi protestors, who were out in a march demanding the return of Mohamed Morsi as a president, Cartridge weapons were used until the police disengaged the clashes.

In Al Sharqiya Governorate, clashes between the residents of Al Nakhas village, in Al Zagazig center, and members of the Muslim Brotherhood erupted when a “TOK TOK” vehicle passed by a pro-Morsi march after Al Taraweeh prayer, playing a national song supporting the army; this provoked one of the protestors which led to the clashes between the “TOK TOK” driver, the Nakhas residents and the protestors resulting in the smash of the “TOK TOK”.

In Al Munofya Governorate, clashes between pro-Morsi protestors and those who don’t support him erupted in several areas; resulting in the injury of 5 people.

Moreover, in Giza Governorate, Morsi supporters encroached upon a public transport bus driver, and smashed parts of the bus. A report with the incident was released with a number (12024) for the year 2013.

In Al Daqahlya Governorate, one of Morsi supporters stabbed one of the residents in Al Slamon village, after he refused the distribution of some flyers insulting the army by one of the members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

While, in Al Ismayliya Governorate, a fight between one of the Brotherhood members and a driver due to verbal collide based on the insult of the army. The driver refused the insult made by the member of the Muslim Brotherhood, this led the Brotherhood member to stab the driver several times resulting in his death. Clashes between the drivers’ family and the family of the Muslim Brotherhood member erupted resulting in causing a fire in four shops and smashing two other shops.

EOHR asserts its full support of peaceful protests, and condemns any violent attempts, or any trespass upon the citizens, or any damage to the public utilities of the state, or any road and traffic blockade  that contradict the peaceful nature of any protest in any advanced country.

From his part, Mr.Hafez Abo Saeda, asserted the drift behind any violence will lead to more victims, thus all parties should reprobate violence and seek a peaceful invitation to mingle once more in the nations’ embrace in order to achieve peace progress, and prosperity. EOHR President demanded from “Rab’a Al Adawya” protestors to break up the sit-in strike to avoid collision that could result in the fall of more victims, and an internal fighting between Egyptians. Finally, he stressed that the nation is in dire need to every hand of the Egyptian citizens regardless of their political, intellectual and ideological differences.

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