EOHR condemns the proceeding of sectarian violence in “Bani Suef”

August 12th, 2013 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expresses its grave concern about the events that took place in the village of “Diabia” at the “Wasty Center” after the outbreak of clashes between Muslim and Christian local residents, resulting in approximately 15 injuries from both sides, as well as setting fire to parts of the village church.

One of the inhabitants of the village called “ ’Abad ”, created a street bump in front of his house which was objected by some of neighbours, but he refused to remove it; this made  some of the residents opposed to throw bricks, and Molotov bottles on the village church. Clashes were renewed when a man stood on the bump and cursed the owner of the house. As a result, seven houses in the village were set on fire as well as parts of the church.

The clashes resulted in the injury of nine Copts and six Muslims in the village as well as the burning of two houses owned by Muslims, four houses owned by Copts, “The Coptic Association” used as a church, a grocery store and a mill grain owned by Christians.

Forces from central and public security were mobilized in the village. Some radicals started throwing stones at the police forces, but the forces were able to control the situation and chased the aggressors. Also, police cordoned off the village and a separated between the conflicted parties. Civil protection forces managed to extinguish the fire and prevented its extension to the rest of the houses.

In this regard, EOHR demands an immediate intervention to prevent the shedding of blood between Muslims and Christians; as are Egyptian citizens who form the national fabric of the Egyptian state. Finally, EOHR stresses that the Egyptian government holds the responsibility towards the protection of the lives of the Egyptians, and should start immediate investigations of the causes of those incidents and the person behind the aggravation of those clashes in order to deter whoever is tempted to play on the sectarian chord in the country.

And from his side,Mr.Hafez Abu Seada, president of the organization, asserted that the outbreak of violence between Muslims and Copts is a source of anxiety inside the Egyptian stat, to which the government should pay serious attention to avoid the outbreak of such situations in the future by preventing problems in a radical manner that may arise between the two sides as in this case.



He also demanded an investigation of the events and the application of the law, as the law is above everyone in order to preserve the society from any attempts to undermine or fragment the Egyptian state, as such incidents will affect the entire nation.

The Organization recommends the following:

  1. The political forces and the civil society should condemn all incitements to hatred and religious conflicts, and the assertion on the supremacy of the law and the respect of all Egyptians regardless of their affiliations. Also, stress should be made that the Egyptian state doesn’t mandate anyone to carry out its main functions.


  1. The Police must return to exercise their main functions in the Egyptian street dealing with whoever violates the law according to their legitimate power stipulated in Article 102 of the Policy Authority law.

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