EOHR demands the Egyptian Government to quickly arrest the assailants of the Sinai Soldiers.

August 19th, 2013 by Editor

The Organization condemns the slaughter of the Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai, Monday morning, 19th of August, in Rafah resulting in the death of 25 soldiers to add to the death tally that reached 95 soldiers killed in Sinai since the 30th of June.

A group of armed militants belongs to the extremist group of “Gamaat Takfirya”, have targeted some central security soldiers this morning, they have made them to get out of their cars and shot at them with machine guns cold bloodedly.

In addition, there are organized operations targeting security forces in Sinai since the 30th of June; these operations aim at destabilizing peace and order in the whole country. These operations resulted in a death of toll of 70 security personnel; among them 24 officers, 27 military personnel, 1 civil official, 18 soldiers, and around 615 injuries; among them 190 security officers, 146 military personnel, 2 civil officials, and 277 soldiers.

The UN Security Council has issues two resolutions; Resolution No.1373 for the year 2001, and Resolution No.1624 for the year 2005. These Resolutions call for the reinforcement of the UN member countries’ capabilities to prevent terrorist acts within their borders, the conviction of terrorism funding, the freeze of the money of whoever is participating in terrorist acts, the prevention of terrorist groups of acquiring any form of money supply, the prevention of the provision of safe and secure refuge for terrorists, information exchange between governments all over the world about any terrorist group, the cooperation between governments regarding investigations in terrorist acts, the conviction of any actual assistance to terrorists or passive statutes within any local law that can support terrorists, and whoever violates these agreements shall be brought to justice. Thus, the Egyptian Government actions to face terrorism should be based on the aforementioned UN SC Resolutions.

In this regard, EOHR asserts that what is happening in Egypt is considered a blatant form of terrorism against the Egyptian State, threatening its existence, stability and security, and threatening the security of the Egyptian citizens. The Organization demands the Egyptian Government to take each and every necessary measure to fight terrorist cells found in Egypt, and to control the state of security degeneration. Also, the Organization condemns any form of terrorism, and announces its total support of the Egyptian security, political, and social authorities in their fight against terrorism.

On his side, Mr.Hafez Abo Saeda, expresses his deepest sorrow regarding the assassination of the soldiers in Sinai and he presents his sincere condolences to their families. Mr.Abo Saeda asserts his solid opinion which condemns terrorism in all of its forms, saying that there is no place in Egypt for such blatant violence committed by the MB which is hidden behind a religious curtain. Finally, he demands the quick arrest and investigation of these crimes to eliminate sedition and to maintain the security of the Egyptian State.


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