The Organization demands an immediate investigation for the death of the MB detainees.

August 19th, 2013 by Editor

EOHR received, with anxiety, the news of the death of 36 MB detainees yesterday, 18th of August, during their transfer to prison after they were arrested during the violent acts happened recently in the country. Public Prosecution decided their imprisonment during investigations.

There were conflicting reports about the incident; on one hand the Ministry of Interior asserts that it was an escape attempt that led the police officers to use tear gas to deal with the situation, this resulted in the death of the 36 MB inmates due to jostling and suffocation.

EOHR stresses on the right of life; as it is the most sacred right amongst other human rights guaranteed by international covenants and agreements on human rights as in Article 3 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the Constitutions all over the world.

Hence, the Organization demands a conduct of an independent legal investigation to unravel the circumstances of the incident and expose the truth to the Egyptian Public Opinion, as this incident impinge on the right of life.

On his side, Mr.Hafez Abo Saeda, EOHR President, asserts the sanctity of the right of life, which is considered the most essential right of humans; as life is GOD’s gift to human beings, thus whoever is tempted to encroach upon this right arbitrarily, should be punished immediately.


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