EOHR demands the transfer of the children caught in Rabaa and Al-Nahda to a Juvenile Establishment

August 21st, 2013 by Editor

The Organization expresses its utmost concern regarding the incident of the detention of Children, who were arrested during Rabaa and Al-Nahda dispersions, in Tora Prison along with adults and convicts; this represents a serious danger to the society. 

Several accusations were made against the arrested children including the premeditated murder of anonymous victims with a prior intent on killing them; using necessary tools and weapons, joining a gang violating the personal freedoms of the citizens, and damaging the national unity and social peace, joining a gang  who resisted the execution of the law by public authorities using weapons, the intent sabotage of public properties and governmental facilities, using violence against Judicial arrest commissioners, intending to initiate a premeditated murder of the Major Wael Mokhtar, conscript Mohamed Al-Mahdi Affifi, conscript Rami Qurany Mostafa, and others; this initiation of attempted murder was carried out by preparing necessary weapons and tools and using them which caused injuries of the aforementioned victims; this reflects the intention of their murder attempt, possessing weapons without license as well as possessing concealed weapons which are not necessary to the detainees’ professions, possessing ammunitions of other people without license, obstructing transportation movement on the public roads, and harassing people through the projection of strength,  the threat of violence, exposing other lives to danger, disruption of public peace, obstruction of law enforcement, and the usage of weapons and concealed weapons; this resulted in the intimidation of the victims, disturbing their peace and security, and exposing their lives to danger.

In this context, the Organization asserts the obligation to refer these youth to Child’s Prosecution not Public Prosecution as stipulated by Egypt’s Childs’ law; as this is considered a violation of the specified articles of the investigation and the prosecution of children including Article 94 stating the following, “…if the child has committed a felony or a misdemeanor, only the Child Court being the competent court…”,  and Article 122 which stipulates,” The Child Court shall exclusively deal with issues concerning the child when accused of a crime or in case of his delinquency.”; hence the detention of children in adult prisons is illegal. Also, Article 112 of Egypt’s Child Law stipulates that, “Children may not be detained, placed in custody, or imprisoned with adults in one place”.

EOHR asserts that the decisions concerning the children held in custody with disregard to their ages is illegal; as the public prosecution interrogate juveniles under 15 years old, then issue a decision of detaining them for 4 days, and resume their release decisions. On the other hand, magistrate judges renew the remand of the juveniles 15 more days, though it’s a violation to Article 119 which stipulates that, “A child who has not reached fifteen (15) years of age shall not be placed in temporary custody.”

On his side, Mr.Hafez Abu-Seada, EOHR President, asserted on the necessity of guaranteeing the rights of children, and protecting them from abusive and exceptional treatment, as well as providing the necessity juvenile establishments for the children instead of detaining them in adult prisons; this will bear a negative effect on the children due to their contact with the convicts, hence the negative reflect on the society as a whole.


The following list contains the names of the arrested children:

Name Age Investigation Record Prison
Ammar Yasser Metwaly 12 years old No.12581, for the year 2013, Giza Felonies. Tora
Basel Mohaed Abd Al-Maabod 14 years old No.12681, for the year 2013, Giza Felonies. Tora
Osama Mohamed Abd Al-Fatah 17 years old No.12581, for the year 2013, Giza Felonies. Tora
Mohamed Zakaria Zaky 18 years old No.12581, for the year 2013, Giza Felonies. Tora
Mohamed Tareq Hamada Farghaly 16 years old-high school student No.12581, for the year 2013, Giza Felonies. Tora
Yasser Ahmed Mohamed Hamed Student at row club No.12581, for the year 2013, Giza Felonies. Tora
Ahmed Moustafa Ahmed Mohamed Student in the Nursing Institute No.12581, for the year 2013, Giza Felonies. Tora
Ezz Ramdan Assem Abd Al-Salam No.12581, for the year 2013, Giza Felonies.
Assem Ramadan Assem Abd Al- Salam No.12581, for the year 2013, Giza Felonies.


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