EOHR demands an investigation of the incident of torture of Mohamed Badie, MB General Guide

August 29th, 2013 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expresses its deep concern about the frequent news about the torture and assaults inflicted upon Mr. Mohammed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood General Guide, during the proceedings of his arrest from his home by the police force on August the 20th, 2013. Accordingly, EOHR has filed a complaint to the Public Prosecutor to investigate this incident.  

It is noteworthy to mention that Badie is in custody for fifteen days for the case of incitement of violent acts witnessed by the area of “Bayn Al-Sirayat” in Giza, where 23 people were killed and 267 others were injured. The case includes other charges of premeditated murder, murder attempt, possession of firearms, ammunition, and knives, intended destruction to state properties, obstruction of public transport, formation of a terrorist gang, and committing terrorist practices against the citizens as well as using force.

EOHR perceives that all international covenants and agreements stipulate the necessity of law enforcement officials, during their duties, to respect human dignity, and human rights to all the citizens, also they should not encroach upon the rights and public freedoms of the defendants and suspects.

Consequently, The Organization demands from the Public Prosecutor a prompt investigation on the incident of the assault on Badie, The Public Guide for the MB, during arresting him, and to provide the results of the investigation to the public opinion; to achieve the public interests of the mere citizen and the supremacy of the law, as well as equality among all the citizens.

From his side, Mr.Abu Seada, EOHR President, asserted that torture is one of the crimes against humanity; hence committing it is considered a violation to all international agreements and covenants on human rights ratified by Egypt. Therefore, addressing these acts and punishing their committers is a vital thing to deter whoever is tempted to commit such crimes against humanity like torture.

Mr.Abu Seada further added that the principles of justice are integral, thus all suspects should be on an equal foot infront of the law and receive the same treatment; regardless of their political affiliation, religion, language, ethnicity, and ideology. Finally, they should be treated in a manner that preserves their dignity and humanity, as they are Egyptian citizens with rights and duties.

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