The EOHR demands the release of prisoners of the Egyptian community in Gaza.

August 31st, 2013 by Editor

EOHR condemns the storming of security forces of the Cultural Center of the Egyptian community in Gaza Strip; they have arrested the head of the community, Mr. Adel Abd Al- Rahman, as well as other staff members at the center.  The Organization demands a prompt release of the Egyptian detainees and to stop such irresponsible acts which leads to a deterioration of the relation between Egypt and the Palestine.

Fifteen police officers of the deposed government stormed the Egyptian Cultural Center in Gaza Strip, and arrested Adel Abdul Rahman, President of the Egyptian Community. Mr. Adel asserted, two weeks earlier, his support to the Egyptian Army, as well as his condemnation of targeting the Egyptian State Institutions. Computers, surveillance cameras and keys were confiscated from the community’s headquarters.

In this regard, EOHR asserts that the act of Hamas’s police force is irresponsible. The Organization demands the immediate release of  the Egyptian prisoners and to give back the confiscated items, EOHR also calls upon The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to intervene for the realease of the prisoners.

From his part, Mr. Hafez Abu Saada, President of EOHR, asserted that the arrest of Mr.Adel Abdul Rahman, President of the Egyptian community in Palestine,  by Hamas forces represents an open hostility from the governing authority in Gaza Strip against Egypt and leads to a deterioration of the realtions between Egypt and Gaza Strip. Mr. Abu Seada demands a prompt realease of The Egyptian Community’s President, arrested by Hamas forces in Gaza Strip without a clear reason but for expressing his opinion and supporting the Egyptian Revoultion of June; thus the Organization reagrds him as a ”Prisoner of Conscience”.




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