EOHR demands a prompt investigation of the incident of a car bomb explosion in-front of the house of The Minister of Interior.

September 5th, 2013 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expresses its grave concern about the incident of a car bomb explosion in front of General Mohamed Ibrahim’s, Interior  Minister, house in Nasr City; targeting his convoy. The car bomb explosion was followed by intensive gunshots; this incident is a reminder of the armed violence operations witnessed by Egypt during the 90’s.

In addition, the Organization believes that the policy of armed violence adopted by extremist groups is a return to terrorism which took place during the last century during the 90’s. This asserts, without any doubts, that Islamist Groups have chosen violence as a mean to deal with the Egyptian State and the Egyptian Citizens, after the rejection of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.

EOHR asserts that the continuation of the violent choice will lead to the control of the security system over the Egyptian State; hence sacrificing more rights and freedoms fought for in the 25th of January and 30th of June  Revolutions by the Egyptian People.

Therefore, The Organization demands that a prompt investigation of the incident should be carried out to reach the perpetrators of the explosion and the master minds behind planning such incident that threatens the national security of the country.

From his side, Mr.Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, asserted that the incident of a car bomb explosion is considered to be a dangerous act which jeopardizes public rights and freedoms; as it reflects an overt message from the side of extremist groups to the return of the policy of violence once more in Egypt.

Mr. Abu Seada added that extremist groups have chosen the path of violence; that means that the Ministry of Interior will impose strict security practices to strike and eradicate the sources of terrorism to protect the Egyptian national security. These practices will lead to more restrictions on public rights and freedoms of the Egyptian Citizens.

Finally, Mr.Hafez stressed on the dead end of the violent path taken by extremist groups; as it will lead to the fall of more innocent victims. Moreover, he reminds them of the violent wave initiated by them in the 90’s which had led to the hatred and wrath expressed by the Egyptian People towards them; hence their exclusion from the public sphere in Egypt.

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