EOHR demands a prompt investigation of the incident of the death of a French citizen inside Kasr El-Nile Police Station

September 18th, 2013 by Editor

EOHR condemns the death of a French citizen inside Kasr Al-Nile Police Station, referring to a criminal suspicion related to the death incident. The Organization also demands the Egyptian government to respect international conventions on human rights, ratified by Egypt, as well as providing a minimum amount of humane treatment for the detainees inside police stations and prisons, and protecting them from any assaults.

The French citizen was caught in Zamalek during curfew hours; he was transferred to Kasr Al-Nile Police Station where he was detained in a cell with other detainees who had beaten him. As a result, he suffered from internal bleeding and fracture in the skull leading to his death.

In this respect, the Organization demands a prompt and just investigation of the incident, as well as the investigation of the detainees’ treatment inside police stations; as abusive treatment of prisoners and other detainees is considered to be a violation of many national legislations and international conventions and agreements on human rights especially the right of life and the minimum required for the treatment of detainees.

Also, EOHR repeats its stress on the terrible crime of torture; as it violates the simple human rights of personal safety and freedom, as well as the right of life. These rights are stipulated by international conventions on human rights as articulated in Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Right, Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 2 of the International Convention Against Torture, Principle 6 of the UN’s Principles regarding the protection of those who are exposed to any form of detention or imprisonment, and Rule 31 of the UN’s minimum rules for prisoners’ treatment.

In this regard, the Organization demands the Attorney General to work on a prompt investigation of this incident, and to refer the offender to a fair trial. Also, EOHR demands the amendment of the Egyptian legislation to be compatible with international conventions on human rights.

From his side, Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, asserted that this incident and its outcome is incompatible with international conventions on human rights and the international standards for minimum treatment of prisoners and detainees. Also, he added that the continuation of monitoring torture incidents is an indicator to past policies of The Ministry of Interior when dealing with mere citizens. In addition, the 25th of January Revolution as well as the Revolution of the 3oth of June aimed at reforming the creed of the Ministry of Interior, but unfortunately nothing has happened as this incident is a live proof of such creed.

Mr. Hafez further added that there are legislative deficiencies in the Egyptian Law regarding the identification of the crime of torture which is incompatible with the International Convention Against Torture which identifies torture as “any pain, or physical and mental torture “; this definition is not confined to the aim of extracting confessions from the detainees as mentioned in the Egyptian legislation. Finally the Organization demands issuing a legislation that gives civil prosecutors  the right of direct prosecution in front of criminal courts regarding the crimes that violates personal freedoms or the sanctity of human lives of mere citizens, amongst these crimes those provided in the Egyptian Penal Code.



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