EOHR demands the prompt arrest and the urgent trial of the perpetrators of Al-Salhya incident.

September 18th, 2013 by Editor

The Organization expresses its grave concern regarding the operation of targeting military patrols, within the framework of the organized violence that has swept the country after the 30th of June Revolution. As, a military patrol in Al-Salhya City was exposed to gunshot resulting in the death of a Police Lt., Mohamed Abd Al-Karim Ahmed by gunfire, and the injury of a Police Captain, Khaled Mohamed Zaki, a police assistant called Atta Abdou and a police recruit called Abu Al-Naga Fathi; they were transferred to Al-Kasasen Military Hospital.

According to preliminary information, anonymous people riding a black car in possession of machine guns have shot at a military vehicle during their way from a military camp in  the old city of Al-Salhya heading to Al-kasasen near the new city of Al-Salhya, then they have run away.

The Organization regards the continuous armed violence against the police and military institutions as a grave matter; as it threatens the Egyptian State, and vital establishments and institutions which ensures the safety and the security of the nation regardless of the difference of the political, ideological, and religious inclinations of the Egyptian People.

EOHR asserts that armed violence operations have led eventually to the review of violent options by extremist groups; as what happened during the 80’s and the 90’s when violent acts had led to the death of innocent victims.

In this regard, the Organization renews its demand to firmly face whoever is persuaded to threaten the security of the Egyptian State, terrorize the Egyptian Citizens, menace the military, and/or target vital institutions.

From his side, Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, asserted that violent and terrorist operations against the Egyptian State will only strengthen the unity, as well as social and intellectual cohesion of the Egyptian People to exclude those few who seek the destruction of the society in order to spread their political creed and force it upon the Egyptian Society.

Mr. Hafez further added that the recent armed violence has led to the realization of the Egyptian people of the real nature of that group who uses religion as a cloak to hide their antagonizing acts against the state and the society, as well as spreading chaos on a wide scale in order to achieve their own interests.


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