Abu Seada from the Police Academy: Improving the security system depends on the application of international conventions on human rights

September 19th, 2013 by Editor

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has given a lecture at the Police Academy under the title “The police and human rights in Egypt after the 30th of June Revolution”. The lecture was about the role of the police in promoting human rights and providing security for citizens, as well as their adherence to human rights standards.

Mr. Abu Seada spoke about international conventions on human rights’ emphasis on the importance of the police sector. As Articles (2) and (8) of the forum on law enforcement officials’ Code of Conduct, recognize the importance of the tasks undertaken by law enforcement officials with diligence and dignity, and in compliance with the principles of human rights;  where the first article stipulates that law enforcement officials, at all times, shall perform their legal duties addressed by law, through community service and the protection of all persons against illegal acts, in a manner consistent with the high degree of responsibility required by their profession. Also, the second article stipulates that law enforcement officials, during their duties, shall respect and protect human dignity, and maintain human rights of each and every citizen.

Moreover, Mr. Abu Seada asserted the importance of reforming the security sector through monitoring the work of the security agencies in all areas, the application of judicial seizure on the work of officers, especially in prisons and police stations, the importance of creating a popular and social dialogue among all societal factions and the police in order to create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere among the citizens and the police; as this is based on the necessity of police existence for the safety of the Egyptian society, the important role of  the police in serving Egypt, and the importance of working on the reestablishment of effective security within the community reflected on the resumption of active security patrols in remote areas and low-intensity regions; this will be in compliance with the standards of the optimal treatment of the citizens.

Finally, Mr. Hafez stressed on the importance of the role that should be played by NGOs in nurturing democracy, as well as the feasible training on democratic practice. Also, he asserted that it is important for the new Constitution to abide by international conventions and agreements on human rights, and new channels should be opened to facilitate the dialogue between NGOs and the police for the sake of achieving justice for the victims.

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