The regional office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights fosters human rights in Egypt.

September 26th, 2013 by Editor

EOHR condemns the Media’s offensive campaign regarding the opening of a new regional office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Egypt.

As some media launched offensive campaigns against this proposal based on insufficient information about the refusal of the Egyptian government to open that regional office; this was based on the assumption that the office will open a channel for external intervention in the internal Egyptian situation.

EOHR welcomes the efforts of the Egyptian government to approve the hosting the regional office; as this approval will reflect the direction of the Egyptian politics towards fostering and protecting human rights in Egypt, especially that the new constitution includes many rights and freedoms stipulated in international conventions on human rights.

In addition, EOHR asserts that the improvement in human rights situation in Egypt is related to addressing human rights in Egypt, amending Egyptian legislations to be compatible with international conventions and agreements on human rights, and dealing with international mechanisms of human rights based on transparency; this will include receiving and cooperating with UN human rights’ special Rapporteurs.

The organization emphasize that the specialization of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights doesn’t include the intervention in the internal Egyptian situation, as the High Commissioner’s competencies are as follows:

–         Fostering human rights; whether political, civil, economic, social, or/and cultural rights.

–         Providing consultations, as well as technical and financial support in the human rights area based on the request of states.

–         Coordinating UN’s programs of education and public information in the area of human rights.

–         Playing a vital role in removing the obstacles before human rights so that each and every citizen can reach its full right, as well as reducing human rights violations.

–         Addressing governments to guarantee the respect of human rights.

–         Strengthening international cooperation to foster and protect human rights.

–         Coordinating national activities to foster and protect human rights within the system of the UN.

–         Organizing, reforming, strengthening, and disseminating the activities of the UN.

All in all, the Commissioner is the organizer of the work of other human rights mechanisms within the UN; such as the Human Rights Council, The Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC), as well as other bodies of international conventions except UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. For instance, the Commissioner receives the reports of NGOs submitted to the Human Rights Council, or/and other UN bodies of international conventions.

Finally, EOHR asserts that the approval of the Egyptian Government of opening the regional office will be considered an alignment with human rights; which will make Egypt a pioneer in this field within the Middle East especially North African Countries. Also, the hosting of a regional office of the biggest agency concerned with human rights all over the world will be considered a positive message sent to the international community that Egypt is keen on respecting human rights and fostering them on all levels, and that Egypt is on its way to establish a democratic society where each and every citizen will enjoy his/her rights.






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