EOHR demands the Egyptian government to devise effective plans to eradicate terrorism

October 7th, 2013 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expresses its deep concern reagrding the terrorist incidents witnessed by the country in Al-Salehia city  in Al-Sharkia Governorate , Northern Sinai, and Maadi area in Cairo, resulting in deaths amongst civilians and damage to the satellite building.

The country has witnessed different kinds of violent operations which have targeted a military patrol in Al-Sharkia Governorate, resulting in the death of an officer and five recruits; where unidentified assailants targeted a vehicle belonging to the military in the 36th Military Road heading to AL-Salehia. They have fired a barrage of bullets after stopping the vehicle, while a huge car bomb explosion has took place inside the Security Directorate of South Sinai which shook the city of Mount Sinai. The explosion resulted in a death toll of five people, including a civilian and an officer, and 50 injuries, including the Major General, Hatem Amine, who is the deputy of the Security Chief. In addition, the headquarters of the Nile Sat Satellite in Maadi was targeted by “RPG” which caused damages to the building without causing injuries amongst civilians.


In this regard, EOHR stresses that those terrorist attacks are perpetrated against the Egyptian state in order to threaten its existence, stability and security; hence the government should take practical and prompt endeavors to combat terrorism, solve the situation of security degeneration, and increase the existence of security forces and provide adequate protection for soldiers and vital buildings.  Moreover, EOHR calls for the necessity to involve all political and societal forces, as well as civil society organizations to build a dialogue for community participation, in order to face terrorism and promote broad political participation of all sectors within the Egyptian state.

Accordingly, EOHR demands the Egyptian government to arrest promptly the instigators and the perpetrators of these acts and to be trialed according to the rule of law, as they seek to spread the seeds of discord among the Egyptian people.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, confirmed that the existing wave of terrorism is similar to what had happened during the eighties and the nineties which was encountered by all societal sectors.


Furthermore, Abu Seada emphasized the need to unite all the forces of civil society, as well as political and societal forces in order to stand in the face of terrorism, which is trying to undermine the Egyptian state.

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