Observatory for Violence warns about the continuation of the wave of violence in the country.

October 10th, 2013 by Editor

The observatory for violence formed by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights has continued monitoring violent incidents that have took place in the country recently. EOHR warns that these violent incidents pose a serious threat against the Egyptian National Security and open the door in front of internal collision that may lead to civil war; hence the Organization demands the government to strictly deal with whoever is persuaded to undermine the Egyptian State and divide it into sects and groups.

Violent Incidents committed by armed groups have continued, as the observatory has monitored the violent acts that took place in different Governorates; as in North Sinai 4 army personnel were injured as a result of a bomb explosion instilled by anonymous on the road of a military bus heading on its way on the Suez Road, in Central Sinai. Also, General Sayed Abd Al-Karim, the military leader of the third field army, was under an assassination attempt; as a bomb had exploded when his convoy was passing in Hasana region in Sinai. In addition, South Sinai Security Directorate had been bombed by Al-Forqan Battalions and Bayt Al-Maqds Proponents who have declared their responsibility of the bomb explosion.

Moreover, a security ambush in front of North Sinai Radio station building, in Al-Masaeed region in Arish, was exposed to an armed attack by unidentified persons. Those assailants have fired gunshots on the building from the rooftop of a building facing the radio station; they have opened their fire on the security personnel in the ambush in front of the radio station building. Also, a huge explosion has occurred in the building of the tribal affairs that is subject to the military intelligence bureau in Rafah City. In addition, 4 army recruits were dead and 5 recruits were injured as a result of a car explosion in Al-Rayssa ambush, south Sinai.

In Al-Sharqiya governorate, some anonymous assailants have targeted a military patrol that belonged to the army forces on the military road no.36 heading to Al-Salhya; they have fired a barrage of gunshots on the patrol after they have stopped it, resulting in the death of an officer and 5 recruits.

While in Cairo governorate, the Satellite building in Maadi region had been targeted with an RPG resulting in some damages in the building without the occurrence of any human fatalities. Also, some of the proponents of the ousted President, Mohamed Morsi, have cut the subway bars of the Faculty of Agriculture Metro Station in the second line of Shubra Al-Khema Metro Station; as a result the metro movement was halted. In addition, Morsi’s proponents have clashed with some metro passengers and other citizens inside the station; hence the officials of the main metro station in Shubra Al-Khema were forced to partially run the metro movement from Al-Khlafawy station after the paralysis of the metro movement from Al-Mazalat to Shubra Al-Khema stations in the two directions. Accordingly, Al-Qalyiobya security forces have moved immediately to take charge of the situation and to rerun the metro movement once again.

In Al-Behira governorate, violent clashes have occurred between MB proponents and the citizens of Hosh Eissa town after the emergence of a march of MB proponent in Al-Gomhouryia Street which is considered to be one of the main streets in the town. Mb proponents were cheering against the army and the police during the march; hence these chants had stirred the anger of the citizens who were celebrating the anniversary of the October War, resulting in violent clashes.

While in Al-Minya governorate 7 people were injured in Al-Adwa center, in the northern part of the governorate, with minor injuries as a result of clashes between proponents of the ousted president and the citizens during the emergence of two marches; one of them was a march of MB supporters and the other march was of the citizens celebrating the victory of the October War.

In addition, in Beni Suef governorate some clashes have occurred between the proponents of the ousted president and army supporters after the death of a student and the injury of 7 citizens as a result of gunshots from the side of Morsi proponents; as they have fired on the citizens in Ahmed Ourabi Street. Morsi proponents have organized some marches from Ali Ben Abi Taleb Mosque; these marches have passed from Ahmed Ourabi Street where some clashes have occurred and MB supporters have fired randomly on the citizens resulting in the death of a student called Gamal Megahed, 19 years old, from Beni Suef, and MB supporters have fled in side streets as they have feared the wrath of the cirtizens. From the other hand, the family of the victim has accused the banned MB and Morsi proponents of killing their son, and they has demanded the army and the police to promptly arrest the assailant.

Finally, in Suez governorate some clashed have took place between Morsi supporters and Morsi opponents resulting in the injury and suffocation of 7 citizens.

EOHR asserts its support of the right of peaceful assembly and demonstration, and in the same time it condemns any attempts of following a deviated track that is incompatible with the followed track of peaceful demonstrations all over the world; as resorting to violence, damaging the states’ public facilities, making assaults on mere citizens, blocking roads, stopping the traffic movement, and encroaching upon the residents of any district are acts that are not compatible with the peaceful nature of demonstrations.

Also, EOHR refers to its deep fear from encroaching upon the marches of the MB supporters; as violence may arise as a reaction to any assault from both sides, whether MB supporters or mere citizens who oppose the MB and Morsi. Also, assaults were made on some political figures like Bothyna Kamel and Khaled Dauood, and this will lead to a social resistance and will eliminate the rights of peaceful demonstration that is based on the respect of the different point views.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has asserted that drifting to violence will result in the fall of more victims; hence violence should be renounced from every one and an open invitation to engage once more in the society in order to achieve stability, security, and to push the wheel of progress forward should be adopted.


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