Anti- terrorism Observatory: EOHR demands a prompt investigation of the incident of a car bomb explosion in front of the military intelligence building in Ismailia

October 20th, 2013 by Editor

EOHR strongly condemns the terrorist operation, which took place on Saturday, 19th of October 2013, has targeted the Military Intelligence Office in Ismailia by using a car bomb; resulting in injuries of five office members , as well as partial damages in the outer fence of the Intelligence Office.


In this regard, EOHR asserts that these terrorist attacks are perpetrated against the Egyptian state in order to threaten its existence, stability and security; thus the government should take quick and practical steps to combat terrorist spots, should address the deteriorating security situation, and to intensify the security forces and to provide an adequate protection for soldiers and vital facilities. At the same time, EOHR demands the need to involve all political and societal forces and civil society organizations to build a social participation dialogue in order to combat terrorism and to foster broad political participation to encompass all components of the Egyptian state.


Accordingly, EOHR demands the Egyptian government to promptly arrest the instigators and the perpetrators of these acts, and to stand in front of the ordinary court ; as they seek to spread the seeds of discord among the Egyptian people.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has confirmed that the existing wave of terrorism are the same as what had happened during the eighties and the nineties which were faced by the Egyptian society.

Finally, Abu Seada stressed on the need to unite all the forces of civil society, political forces, and societal forces in order to stand in the face of terrorism, which is trying to undermine the Egyptian state.


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