Anti- terrorism Observatory demands a prompt investigation of the Virgin Mary Church incident

October 21st, 2013 by Editor

EOHR denounces the assault that has taken place Sunday, 20th of October 2013, on the citizens in front of the Virgin Mary Church in Al- Warak region in Giza Governorate. The attack was made by masked assailants resulting in the death of 4 citizens and the injury of other 18 citizens.


Two masked gunmen riding a motorbike have fired on several people emerging from the church after a wedding a celebration inside the church. The attack has resulted in the death of Maryam Ashraf Messia (8 years old ), Samir Fahmy Azer (51 years old ), Kamilya Helmy Attya (62 years old), and Maryam Fahmy Azer, and the injury of Hoda Fahmy Azer (gun shot in the thigh area), Farha Fahmy Azer ( 53 years old, gun shot in the right leg, and the left thigh), Nabila Fahmy Azer ( 47 years old ), Awad Bouttrous Khalil, Marina Maged George, Shady Ayad Guergues, Emad El-Sayed Abd Al-Fatah, Mohamed Nasser Abd Al- Rehim, Mohamed Ibrahim Mahmoud, Ashraf Ayad Atya, Howida Refaat Rateb (31 years old, leg injury), Ramy Samir Maher (25 years old, foot gunshot),  Nabil Fahmy Azer, Ragy Hana Abader (several gunshots in stomach), Abanob Magdy Zaki, Nermine Magdy Atta Allah (thigh gunshot), and Ashraf Messia.


EOHR regards that there is a clear prominence of violence in the political arena during the recent period; those violence acts have targeted some facilities, institutions, military patrols, and even the Minister of Interior, and the violence shift to religious targets refers to the unhidden intention of the terrorist groups of sowing the seeds of discord in the country that means more bloodshed; hence the spread of chaos, instability, and state eradication.


Therefore, EOHR demands a prompt investigation of the incident and the exposure of the assailants’ identities, as well as the instigators behind that horrible crime and to present them to justice as soon as possible to inflict upon them the suitable penalty to be a deterrent to whoever is tempted to encroach upon the freedoms and rights of the ordinary citizens and their right to life which is considered to be the most revered right.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has asserted that the explosion that has occurred in front of the Virgin Mary Church is a despicable criminal act; as it’s an assault on the freedom of creed and the freedom of worship which are stipulated in all norms and laws. Also, the intention behing this crime is to distract the citizen from the important and critical cases in the country, and to negatively affect the road plan as well as the democratic transition.

In addition, Abu Seada has called for the prompt exposure of the criminals who have committed this horrendous act and to inflict the suitable punishment upon them. He has also demanded the security to intensify the security measure to avoid the repetition of such incidents in order to protect national cohesion and unity inside the Egyptian State, and to abolish any attempts that could undermine the state’s security and stability.

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