Observatory for violence detects violent incidents all over Egypt

October 31st, 2013 by Editor

“Violence in the Egyptian Governorates”


Observatory for violence has continued its monitoring to violent incidents that have taken place in the country recently. The current wave of violence still threatens the country; as its main aim is to spread chaos and political instability within the country in order to spread terror amongst the citizens and to undermine any attempt towards achieving supremacy of the law.


Cairo Governorate:


Clashes have taken place between security forces shutting down Al-Nahda Square from the side of Al- Giza Square, and the MBs who were protesting in Al-Nahda Square and who had organized a march towards Al-Giza Square. Also, some anonymous assailants have chased a police secretary, called Reda Ismaiel in Al-Khanka station, while walking in Al-Sha’rawy Street in the circle of Shubra Al-Khema Police station. The assailants have fired their guns at him to stop, and he died immediately. In addition, some MB students have protested in Al-Nasr Street in front of Al- Azhar University, and they have clashed with the security forces there, as well as beating the Nile News cast and preventing them from covering the protests.


Moreover, some Universities have witnessed protests and violent incidents, as in Cairo University, verbal altercations had erupted between MB students and independent students in Dar Al-Olum Faculty (Faculty of the House of Science); this was the result of MB students’ chants against the army that had provoked the independent students who are pro the army and who danced on the Ultras chants. As a result, the independent students had organized a march away from the MB students in order to avoid clashes amongst the students.

While in Ain Shams University, skirmishes with hands have taken place between MB students who were protesting inside the building of the Faculty of Languages (Alson Faculty) and a number of independent students in the Faculty. Afterwards, independent students have gathered on the stairs inside the building to prevent the march of the MB students inside the Faculty, and in the same context, security personnel have intervened to separate between the students and to prevent the escalation of the situation.

While in Al-Azhar University, some of the MB students have broken into the administrative building, and they have detained the President of the University. The MB students have tried, during their seizure of the building, to push the doors by force, break the glass, and to throw rocks on security personnel; this had led the security to use water hoses and fire extinguishers to disperse the students and to prevent them from entering the building. As a result, some employees have suffered suffocation, water has flooded the floor of the building, glass and rocks have scattered across the floor. The secondary prosecution of Nasr City has inspected Al-Azhar University and the administrative building within the University following the incidents of unrest incited by the MB students. The inspection has unraveled the destruction of the first floor of the security of the University, the destruction of computer machines, printers, offices, broken glass, and wall destruction. While, in the second floor the students have destroyed the office of the President of the University, they have destroyed his personal computer, have destroyed the air conditioner, have burnt documents and files inside the office, and they have burnt carpets and some furniture.

On the other hand, in Helwan University, the MB students have tried to stop the movement of Helwan Metro Station; as they have stood on the metro bars in the station to prevent the metro’s movement. From its side, the police have confronted the students that stood on the metro bars and they have dispersed them; as a result clashes have occurred between the two sides as students have thrown rocks on the security forces and the station officials. The clashes have led to the injury of the driver of the metro which the students have stood on its bar to prevent its movement, the driver is called Mohamed Salah Abd Al-Rabo. The police have arrested some of the students and have taken them to the police station of Tora Al-Balad Station.



Al-Sharqiya Governorate:

A weapons depository was detected in Al-Mwalh Farm near Adlya Assembly in Belbes Centerl. The weapons in the depository were intended to be used to strike the nearby military areas and ambushes, and from amongst the weapons detected 6 mortar bombs, mortar launcher, machine gun,9 F1 bombs, as well as other heavy and light weapons. Consequently, the public preosecution has moved to the area for inspection and has ordered to arrest and bring the accuses back for investigations.

Al-Dakahlya Governorate:

3 military personnel have died in Al-Mansoura University military ambush after an armed attack by masked anonymous on the ambush. Also, masked anonymous have attacked a military ambush in the Army Street near Al-Azhari Institute in Al-Mansoura City; the attackers have used machine guns as they have fired several shots and then they had fled. The attack hadn’t resulted in any casualties.

Alexandria Governorate:

Hand clashes have occurred between MB students and other independent students in the Faculty of Technology (Technical-Industrial Academy); the clashes have resulted in the injury of two students with multiple injuries. Afterwards, the security in the Technical Faculty have managed to control the clashes after the MB students have organized a protesting stand inside the faculty, holding signs of anti- army slogans.

While in Alexandria University, clashes between MB students and other independent students have taken place inside the area of the faculties of theoretical assembly. The clashes have resulted in the injury of several students, especially after beating each other and using cartridge shots.


Violent clashes have broken out between some of the residents of Hosh Eissa City in Al-Beheira and some sources of the banned MB in Al-Mahatta Street. These clashes have taken place after the MBs have organized an anti-army and anti-police march, resulting in the injury of several people. During the clashes, rocks and sticks were being used after the MBs have encroached upon some of the Citizens’ shops where the pictures of General Al-Sisi were hanged. As a result, the residents there were immensely provoked, thus they have attacked and chased some of the MB members.

While today, there was a state of panic in the Faculty of Islamic Studies for girls in Damanhour when some of the MB students had organized a protesting stand inside the campus; as a result, the high school students in the schools nearby the faculty were provoked and they have thrown rocks and empty bottles on the protesters, chanting pro-army and pro-Al Sisi slogans. Consequently, the MB students were forced to end their protests and afterwards the students’ parents and family have came to check on their daughters.

Beni Suef Governorate

In Beni Suef, some of the proponents of the ousted President Morsi have gathered in front of a meeting of some members of Al-Nour Party in the conference hall of Muslim Youth Associate in an attempt to break into the conference hall and end the meeting. Meanwhile, Al-Nour Party has insisted in continuing the meeting, ignoring the chants of pro-Morsi protesters that were antagonizing to Al-Nour Party, but the members in the meeting have ignored those chants.

Northern Sinai Governorate

Some border patrol personnel of the second field army in the side of Saladin in Rafah City have managed to detect a person wearing Burqa ( Neqab), and it had appeared that he was a man called Omar Abd Al-Moaty Salama Baharo who was monitoring and detecting the moves of the army force sources in the region; the aim was to transfer the collected information to terrorist sources and outlaw sources. The specialized prosecution was informed in order to carry out the proper legal procedures against the detected suspect.

Moreover, State Border forces have managed to stop 3 ranger vehicles where they have detected 10 machine guns, 10 machine guns’ safes, and 5 cartridge guns before being smuggled into the country. Also, they have managed to detect 3 Toyota Land Cruisers without metal plates, where they have detected 6000 cigarette packs to be smuggled without paying tariffs in the Northern-East of Siwa City coming from West to East of the region, and it had been proved that those cigarettes cause cancer. Finally, they have detected a Microbus where they have found large quantities of pop weed (Bango), near Syrabium Ferry.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has stressed that the continuation of the episodes of violence is a very critical matter and one that aims at the destruction of the Egyptian State , as well as an impediment to the democratic transition during this critical transitional period in the country.

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