EOHR condemns the death incident of Al- Omranya Child

November 11th, 2013 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights condemns the killing of 11 years old child, Mohamed Badawy, Last Friday, during one of the MB marches in Ter’a Al-Zomor Street in Al- Omranya. The victim was shot with a machine gun; where the bullet has penetrated his chest and came out from his back.

Around 15 suspects were arrested, from amongst them 7 suspects that are involved in killing the victim. Public Prosecution has charged them with premeditated murder, attempted murder, joining an armed gang, destruction of private properties, possession of unlicensed guns and ammunitions, and terrorizing the mere citizens. Hence, The Public Prosecutor has decided to hold the suspects in custody for 15 days to complete the investigations, this came after receiving the inquiries, made by the National Security, which have proved their conviction and that they have been among the MB march where the child was killed, also they have fired at the residents in the area during colliding with them. Those suspects belong to the banned MBs.

EOHR strongly condemns the killing incident of the child which is considered a horrible crime against humanity; as killing a child defies one of the most fundamental human rights, that is, the right to life which is considered the highest and the most revered right amongst all other rights. Also, the Organization demands the political force to respect peaceful demonstrations and not to use weapon, and in the case of using a weapon by one of the demonstrators, he/ she should be arrested immediately by the specialized authority to maintain the peacefulness of the demonstrations.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has asserted that the killing incident of the child in Al-Omranya is a horrendous crime and an outrageous violation of Childs’ Rights stipulated in all International conventions and agreements; also it’s a blatant violation of the rights of life. Therefore, all political forces that organize demonstrations, should maintain the peacefulness of these demonstrations in order to preserve the life of the demonstrators and the citizens in general, and so that these demonstrations shall not transform into any kind of violent acts and clashes that can result in the death of innocent Egyptian citizens.

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