EOHR calls upon all the political forces to comply with peaceful means during the celebration of the anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud:

November 17th, 2013 by Editor

EOHR calls for the organizers and participants from all political forces during the coming commemoration of Mohamed Mahmoud events, which claimed the lives of about 54 martyrs, to comply with peaceful means, self restraint, and the maintenance of public and private property.

In this respect the organization calls all the political forces which have expressed its intention in participating in the 2nd memorial of Mohamed Mahmoud, either revolutionary forces or supporters to refrain from violence and to prevent bloodshed that could be resulted from any political difference, also it demands their committing to peace and the not allowing the fall of more Egyptian Victims.

At the same time the Organization calls the police forces to maintain its obligation of providing security during the celebration of the anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud, and the full protection for the headquarters of the celebration; in order to protect the citizen’s rights and freedoms and to fulfill their mission in defending the citizens regardless of their political affiliation and ideology.

In this context, the organization focuses also in demanding the fast completion of the investigations of the victims of Mohamed Mahmoud and the delivery of the instigators of these events to the justice in order to give every person responsible for the bloodshed the appropriate punishment to be a deterrent for anyone tempted to threaten people of this country, which will result in achieving the rule of law and the protection of rights and freedoms of the citizens in the country.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has asserted that the anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud should be an incentive for all the political forces to work together to achieve the revolutions’ demands; freedom and social justice, through a future agenda. And the celebration of this event should be in a horizon of peace and cohesion in order to preserve the lives of the innocent Egyptian people.

Abu Seada has further added that dragging the country into violence will only lead to further bloodshed; therefore it is required to have integration between all the political forces to ensure the survival of the rule of law and the state of human rights, and to achieve the rights and freedoms of all Egyptian citizens alike, regardless of any political affiliation.

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