Anti-violence observatory demands an urgent arrest of the Arish bus bombers:

November 20th, 2013 by Editor

EOHR expresses its grave concern regarding the terrorist incident that broke in North Sinai Wednesday morning 20th November 2013, that resulted in the death of 10 soldiers and the injury of 35 soldiers, which describe the continues terrorist operations in different parts of the country.

The explosive laden car “TNT” was driven by terrorists wearing explosive belts targeted a holiday bus in “El Shalak” region, between Rafah and El-Arish, carrying off duty soldiers belong to the 2nd Field Army, the bus was on his way to Cairo but the explosive car interrupted the way suddenly.

The observatory deplores what happened to the soldiers and the pervious terrorists accidents ending with the assassination of the colonel Mohamed Mabrouk, emphasizing that it is a continues terror planning to break the prestige of the Egyptian state, demanding the Egyptians to support the armed forces and the police force to stand against the disruptive power that seek to kill our children.

The observatory emphasize that the continues targeting of the police and the armed forces from the Jihadi groups is a very serious matter, especially after the increase in the number of the victims that belong to both the police force and the armed forces ,that the numbers exceeded 180 victim after the dispersing of Rabba and El-Nahda sit-ins.

In this context, the observatory for the combat of violence demands an urgent investigation in the bus explosion incident and the referral of the criminals to court to apply the punishments. Also conducting crackdowns to purge the Jihadi sites and terrorist outposts in Sinai.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has described what happened to the soldiers in Rafah as “a terrorist act and a serious violation of human rights and the right to live”, demanding the government to take the measures to combat terrorism, bring the offenders to justice, and build counter-terrorism strategy based on international resolutions of the United Nations in this regard.

EOHR has spotted the terrorists incidents that targeted the police forces and the armed forces since the 30 June revolution as follows:


Number of deaths

Number of injured

The case

Fire on the first police section of El-Arish traffic department, in the suburb area El-Salam , El-Arish.

Fire on a boarder troop area in El-Arish.

A conscript was injured after a shot in his foot.

Fire on the third police section in El-Arish.

Martyrdom of soldier Mohamed Fathi Mohamed impact of a bullet in the abdomen.

Fire on El-Ahrash camp in Rafah.

Lieutenant injured, “Ahmed Ehab Abdel Ghaffar” 24 years old was shot in the shoulder.

Intense firing bullets in Sedr Hetan area, Sinai Suez road.

Death of a police officer, and three Police officers  Mohammed Ismail, and delegates of Police Mohamed Ragab Abdullah, and Hany Samir Abdel Azim (the first was shot at  neck, and the second was shot at chest, while the injured third gunshot wound the head), and injuring seven officers, and 8 members of the Brotherhood.

The supporters of the Muslim brotherhood tried to siege the police department in Helwan and the Tebn area in Cairo, and to set fire there as well.

They managed to break into the police station in Tebn and smuggled 14 prisoners and burning the building after the capture of the arms and the ammunition in the department.

Break into the police station in El-Maasra, and setting fire there. It was completely burnt after the robbery of the weapons.

A number of supporters of the ousted president Mohamed Morsi tried to break in Ain Shams police station.

Unknown persons fired shots at the security of the media production city Gate 2 in the 6TH of October city, but they were confronted by tear gas bombs.

The death of a soldier and 4 others were injured by gunshots.

Fire on the soldiers during their service in El- Arish

Martyrdom of one soldier and the injury of 4 soldiers in the armed forces.

Fire shots in El-Mahager Ambush on the El-Arish international airport road.

3 soldiers were injured by a fire shots.

Gunmen opened fire on the security central sector located on El-Arish. International airport road.

Gunmen attacked an army camp in “Alkharbh” from a distance and forces responded without damage.

Gunmen attacked a security sovereign point in Rafah, and they targeted this point by a rocket propelled grenade. The shell fell near the point and resulted in a loud explosion followed by a heavy machinegun fire from all the ambushes in El-Arish.

The death of 25 soldiers.

A group of armed elements belonged to the Takfir groups targeted conscripts in the central security of El-Ahrash, they took them out of the cars and opened fire on them with an automatic weapons.

The death of Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Mahmoud Jalal Ahmed Marwan.

Gun fire on the security central sector in the North of Sinai, center of El-Arish city while inspecting the security situation, which resulted in the death of an officer as a result of exposure to bursts of snipers from the top of one of the buildings.

Explosion in front of the sports arena El-Zouhor district in El-Arish, a subsidiary of the armed forces, where a bomb exploded in the front of the building and made a very loud explosion.

The total deaths in the province, about 65 deaths and injury. where 6 deaths, including a police officer and a number of 4 soldiers and civilians from El Arish and Sheikh Zowaid, in addition to 59 cases, most of them police and the armed forces of El-Arish, Sheikh Zuwaid and Bir al-Abed.

Unidentified gunmen fired two “RPG”, one of which landed near the ambush in El-Mahager on  the road to El-Arish airport, and the other in El-Masaeed neighborhood near the headquarters of security.

Unidentified persons destroyed the security building in El-kasima Village which belongs to El-hasna center, in the center of Sinai.

The arrest of four militants with the possession of two RPG while riding a private car.

Martyrdom of the soldier Mohamed Sayed Mohammed (21 years old).

Firing bullets at the building of military prosecutor in El- Arish.

Martyrdom of soldier Mohammed Hosni Ahmed 21 years old.

Gunmen attacked the Police Officers Club in El-Arish.

Brotherhood supporters set fire to the building of the town of El-Arish, after throwing Molotov at the building.

Unidentified gunmen attacked a guard point of the army Near the sports Square in El-Arish.

Martyrdom of police Secretary Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel Rahman impact of a gunshot at the head.

Shooting on the Secretary of the police while walking on foot to his work from the transit area to the suburbs.

Martyrdom of 7 soldiers and injury of two soldiers; one while serving Police Officers Club on the coast of El-Arish and another while walking in the bridge area of the valley and 3 injured Army soldiers and a policeman.

Terrorist attacks on the security ambushes on El-Arish ring road.

Unknown persons set fire to the headquarters of taxes in EL-Arish, and threw Molotov inside the building, which caught fire amid attempts by the people to switch it off, but the fire gutted large parts of it.

Injury of 5 members and the occurrence of partially damage to the fence outside the office of Intelligence.

A car bomb explosion in front of the Military Intelligence in Ismailia.

The martyrs are:
Ashraf Shawky Shehata,
Ahmed Abdel MoaesmAhmad Ali Zaidi
Erfan Salim Salim
Mahmoud Mahmoud Abdel Moghny
Mohammad Gamal Sadeq
Lieutenant Mahmoud Ahmed Ali
Hamada Hosni
The injured are:
Ramadan Hamada Abdel Moaty
Salah Abdul Ghaffar
Mohamed Amer Fouda
Abdul Hamid Ghazi
The wounded gunman was put in custody.
And an injury in the shoulder.

Three attacks on the Police Officers Club, Sokar ambush, Safa ambush in El-Arish.

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