Anti-Violence observatory condemns the terrorist attacks and the incitement of violence.

December 15th, 2013 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expresses its strong condemnation of the terrorist operations which targeted the central security sector in Ismalia governorate that resulted in the killing of a soldier and the injury of 18 persons including civilians, and also condemns the calls that encourage the use of violence in the demonstrations.

It was a terrorist attack that happened on Thursday, December 12th, when a car threw an explosive device inside the canal zone of the central security, which is located on the (Cairo-Ismalia) desert road, and the explosive wave of the device resulted in the civilian injuries of the passing cars on the road, and also the device created a 50 centimeters deep hole in the ground with a width of meter and 25 centimeters.

In this regard, EOHR emphasizes that the terrorist attacks are perpetrated against the Human Rights in Egypt in order to threaten its existence, stability, and security, therefore the government should take practical and fast steps to fight the terrorist, address the lack of security, intensification of the security forces, and provide adequate protection for the soldiers and the vital institutions.

EOHR also demands at the same time the involvement of all the political forces, and the civil society organizations in a dialogue in order to confront the terrorism and promote the broad political participation of all the sectors in the Egyptian society. In this regard EOHR calls the Egyptian government to arrest urgently the instigators and perpetrators of those acts, because they are seeking to spread the seeds of discord among the Egyptians, and to be referred to the suitable court with restoring the right of having a defense.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has asserted that the existing terrorism acts resemble what happened in the eighties and nineties, which was confronted by all the sectors of the society, and he stressed on the importance of the uniting of all the civil society forces and the political forces to combat the terrorism which is damaging the Human Rights system in Egypt.

In another context, the page which belongs to the  freedom and justice party published a provocative speech, that permits the use of the Molotov by the protestors, therefore EOHR asserts its full support to the right of peaceful demonstrations but at the same time it condemns any attempt out of this framework  according to the standards of  the right to peacefully protest and the refusal to the use of violence , weapons, and Molotov,  refuse any attempt that cause damages of the public utilities, infringement on the citizens, cutting of the roads , and disrupting the residents of the areas close to the demonstrations.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has asserted that the drift to violence will only results in more victims, therefore it is important to reject violence from all the different directions and to call for the engagement in the society to achieve stability, security, and development.

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