The Egyptian Organization: El-Mansoura’s driver killing incident is a “Criminal Act”

December 18th, 2013 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights condemn the incident of killing El-Mansoura’s driver Mohamed Gamal El-Deen Bedier Osman by the hands of protesters of the Muslim Brotherhood supporters, in a flagrant violation of the right to live, liberty, and security, and it requires the state to assume its responsibilities to ensure the security of the citizens towards those criminal acts.

This incident goes back to a group of Muslim Brotherhood members, arranged a march from El-Shinawy Mosque after El-Maghrib prayers on Tuesday 17th December , in El-Gish street, and they shut down the street  with a chanting slogans against the armed forces and the police forces, carrying the slogans of “Rabaa”.

And this coincides with the driver passing behind the march, so he launched a horn more than once in an attempt to cross the crowds, but the Brotherhood members refused to open the road and a number of them started to attack the car, after that the driver got out of the car they started attacking him with the white weapons until he fell on the ground, soaked in his blood in the center of the march, and one of the protestors set fire to the car.

The report of the pathologist came to confirm that the victim was wounded segmental semi-angina gummy from the beginning of the chin till the neck, and an injury of stab in the chest resulted in the rupture of the lung and heart, and another five stabs in the back, the report showed that he died as a result of injury of stab in the chest which ruptured the lung and the heart, and the report also emphasized the use of more than one type of white weapons.

EOHR stresses on its full support of the right of having peaceful protest, but at the same time it condemns any attempt of getting out of this framework in accordance with the standards of the right of having peaceful protest and the refusal of resorting to violence with the use of weapons, Molotov, damaging the public utilities of the state, infringing citizens, or cutting off roads, traffic, and means of transportations.

In this regard, EOHR calls to have an urgent and immediate investigation in the killing incident and referring the perpetrators to court to force punishment on them, which will be a deterrent for anyone tempted to violate the human right to live, which is the most sacred right endorsed by the international charters, conventions, and legislations.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has emphasized that the drift to violence will only result in more victims, so we must renounce violence from all direction, to achieve stability, security, and to push forward the wheel of development.

Abu Seada has further added that what happened to the driver is a criminal act, and he asks not to tolerate those crimes that terrorize innocent people, and aim to spread chaos in all over the country.



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