The Organization condemns the break into the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights.

December 19th, 2013 by Editor

EOHR expresses its solidarity with the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights, and resentment towards the break into, the arrest to some of the workers, who were there, and the confiscation of the computers.


EOHR fears that this procedure is coming under direction aimed at hindering the civil society organizations from their key role in defending and protecting the Human Rights, with a clear violation to the agreements, treaties, and international commitments related to the right to form associations.


The incident started in the early hours of Thursday morning, when the security services raided the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights’ media unit and confiscated the computers and a laptop, as well as arrested one of the center’s photographers; named “Mostafa Issa” and two other members were present in the center at the moment of intrusion.


In this context, EOHR expresses its deep concern about this fierce campaign against the civil society organizations that are primarily established to promote the culture of Human Rights and democracy, as well as protecting the citizens from all the forms of abuse.

EOHR demands also the immediate detection of the reasons behind the break into and the urgent work on the change of the legislative structure that restrict the work of the Non-Governmental Organizations, in order to maintain its role in defending and protecting the Human Rights in Egypt, as well as respecting the agreements and international commitments ratified by Egypt that guarantees the right to form associations.

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