The Egyptian Organization demands the urgent arrest of the perpetrators of El-Mansoura terrorist incident.

December 24th, 2013 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights condemns the terrorists incidents that have increased recently, which represents an assault to the Human Rights and freedoms established by the international conventions and agreements, most importantly the right to live, the right of liberty, and security of the person, that last incident happened in El-Mansoura city at the early hours of Tuesday morning December 24th 2013, which resulted in the death of 12 people and the injury of other 150.

An explosive car carrying tens of kilograms of “TNT” exploded in a side street of the security directorate of El-Dakahlia, which led to the collapse of a large part of the building, the injury of the security manager, the martyrdom of 12 people including 2 from the director of security’s office and some police officers, material losses from the collapse of parts in the building and the crash of a large number of cars near the scene of the blast, and the crash of a number of shops and buildings adjacent to the explosion.

EOHR asserts that targeting the institutions and the public facilities is considered very danger case as it will result in the threat of the national security and push the country to the edge of the cliff at the internal and external level. And also it emphasis that the terrorist groups has been targeting the state institutions and civilians, which requires a firm stand in the face of such groups and the destructive forces which aim at destabilizing the security and stability.

In this regard, EOHR demands the urgent arrest of the perpetrators of this recent incident, with the enforcement of strong penalties on them to eliminate this scourge which threat the Egyptian state and the Egyptian people, and end those terrorist acts that claim the lives of innocent people.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has emphasized that El-Mansoura terrorist incident is not the first incident of the terrorist acts, which requires the government to work at the maximum capacity to confront those terrorists who are targeting the public buildings and civilians.

He further added that the perpetrators of this incident are criminals targeting a package of rights and freedoms, notably the right to live, which is the highest and most sacred of the Human Rights, calling an urgent arrest to the perpetrators behind such terrorist operations as it represents a violation of the sanctity of life.



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