The escalation of violence and terrorism threats the human rights system; EOHR calls for a transparent policy to fight terrorism with an emphasis on respecting the human rights.

December 26th, 2013 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expresses its deeply concern about the terrorist events that have increased recently, as it represents an assault on the package of rights and freedoms established by the international conventions and agreements, most importantly the right to live, liberty, and security of the person, and the last event is what happened in Nasr City.

EOHR observed a number of terrorist operations, that in Nasr City an explosive event happened by a device implanted on the middle island in Moustafa El-Nahhas street, which led to the killing of five people, who was riding a bus which passed through this area, the bomb experts managed to abrogate another bomb in the same area before its explosion.

In the province of Kafr El-Sheikh the bomb experts managed to abrogate a circuit of connect bomb, which was connected to a motorcycle placed by anonymous persons in front of the security directorate.

In this regard, EOHR asserts that these terrorist attacks are perpetrated against a package of human rights in the Egyptian state in order to threaten its existence, stability, and security. Therefore the government should take practical and fast measures to combat terrorism, address the lack of security, intensify the security forces, and provide sufficient protection for the citizens and the vital institutions.

In this respect, EOHR calls for the adherence to the international law and the international standards in issuing decisions related to the classification of terrorist organizations, to be with a decree law or judicial rule for organizations with charges of committing the offenses described in the Anti-Terrorism Act No.97 of 1992 by the amendments of the penal law in Article 86 and its complements.

EOHR calls for the notification of the Anti-Terrorism Committee in the United Nations by the actions being taken by the Egyptian government in accordance with the resolution No.1624 of 2005 about the prohibition of incitement to commit terrorist acts with the obligation, in all the cases, of respecting the human rights by the state.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, president of EOHR, has emphasized that those criminal operations will not affect the determination of the Egyptians nor the chosen path, which the Egyptians choose to follow since the 30th June revolution to move forward in the implementation of the future plan , and also will not disrupt the referendum process.

He further called for the urgent arrest of the terrorists who commit such crimes for what it creates of threats to the right to live, liberty, and the personal security of the citizens.


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