A statement from the Egyptian Coalition for monitoring the elections about the 2014 referendum

January 12th, 2014 by Editor


The referendum process on the constitution comes as a first step in the implementation of the road map that has been announced, according to the declaration of the interim president the citizens will vote on Tuesday and Wednesday 14th and 15th January 2014. In that context the Egyptian Coalition for Election Monitoring urges all the citizens to participate in this constitutional entitlement and cast their votes in the upcoming referendum to make the results- Regardless of what it is- satisfying and expressive of the various spectra of the Egyptian people.

Also the Egyptian Coalition for Monitoring Elections calls upon the security institutions in the country, whether the police forces or the armed forces to provide all the necessary guarantees for the citizens to reassure them that the process of voting is moving properly, and securely, and also limit any excesses or danger may face the citizens during the voting day. And it also calls upon the supreme committee for elections to abide by all the guarantees established to conduct the voting process in a fair way, and in this respect the Coalition thought about set of points that it would like to emphasize, and they are as follows:

1-    The alliance demands the adoption of the counting process in the sub-committees rather than in the public committees, and the allowance of the media to exist especially in the light of the security conditions, that prevail in the country, which may not allow the optimal conditions of transferring the ballot boxes to the general committees, and also because if  the counting process conducted in the sub-committees in the presence of the media, the transparency and the integrity of the process will be emphasized.

2-    The alliance also calls the state to quickly decide in the matter of making one of the voting days off in order to facilitate the voting process, taking into account that the voting process consumes a lot of time.

3-    The alliance hopes the supreme committee of elections to ensure the allocation of especial electoral committees for the elders and the people with special needs in the ground floors of the buildings and easy to access.

4-    All the prior indications to the voting days show the possibility of  the occurrence of violence acts very likely in the areas of the electoral committees, therefore it is needed to take a series precautionary security measures to secure and protect the citizens, as well as the ballot boxes which needs to be secured on the 15th January night.

5-    The need to amend the penal code and criminal procedures with regard to the electoral crimes, to make it possible to suit directly the public officials who commit crimes during the course of the electoral process or impact the fairness of the elections, and the text of not to drop the criminal case and the civil statue with respect to these crimes, with an emphasis on the importance of the monitoring by the civil society organizations and the international institutions , that there shall be law issued to regulate this process.

6-    The issuing of the electronic voting principle to avoid fraud.

7-    Finally the alliance calls the citizens not to get carried with any calls that will drag then to engage in violence or counter-violence, and urge them to commit to the process of voting in a quiet, safe, and non-congestion way in front of the committees in order to allow others to exercise their constitutional right of giving their opinion in the current constitution. Also the alliance indicates some measures by the supreme committee of elections to reduce fraud in the referendum, which are:

  • Resolution No. 45 0f 2013, which states in Article II that the Egyptian abroad will vote by secret ballot and the abolition of direct voting by mail, which prevents fraud by making sure of the identity of the voter.
  • Establishment of closed network connect all the committees together to avoid any repetition in the votes, the inadmissibility of the voting in the arrivals committees from the people of the province, and toughening the punishment in case of voting more than once in accordance with the resolution No. 3 of 2014.

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