(Statement 2)

January 14th, 2014 by Editor

The results of the Egyptian Coalition for monitoring the referendum process.

The first day

 The escalation of violence and bullying, and the occurrence of the first deaths in Beni Suef.

 An explosion in El-Sharkya Province and attempts of intimidating voters.

 The increasing in the campaigns to influence the will of the voters and conduct electoral propaganda.

Voting was stopped in some committees.

 Mass transfer of voters.


The process of referendum on the new constitution continued amid a large cluster of citizens, the monitoring coalitions observed numerous diverse violations, which included violence, bullying, the fall of the first victim, improvised explosive devices in different regions and voter intimidation, halting of the voting process, the presence of influence on the will of the voter, and propaganda from both opponents and supporters of the draft.


The coalition observers monitored many of the abuses that occurred during the referendum process. Currently observations are as follows:


  • First, violence and bullying:


In the province of Beni Suef , the coalition observers monitored the occurrence of the first citizen death , ” Mr. Mahmoud F ” of Nasser Center died as a result of the violence that broke out between security forces and supporters of the Brotherhood .


In the governorate of Giza in front of the Preparatory Girls grade school, observers witnessed a group of Brotherhood supporters, between 12-16 years of age throwing Moltov bottles inside the headquarters of the ballot. Thus attempting   to intimidate voters and try to prevent them from voting, causing the security forces to pursue them in collaboration with a number of people from the surrounding area. Such efforts lead to their arrest.


In Ausim, the firing of anonymous shots was witnessed by monitors in the Sadat elementary school committee and surrounding area. This resulted in two people wounded, one in critical condition, and the halting of the voting process at 12:30 Pm.


In the province of Minya , the coalition observers witnessed a 30 minute halt to work due to  supporters of the Brotherhood firing shells and Molotov before the  voting committee and within the vicinity of the boy prep school.


The coalition observers monitored, in front of Omar ibn al-Khattab, that security forces arrested a number of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, specifically students marching against the coup possessing banners for a boycott of the Constitution and the panic of the citizens and provoking riots.


In Menoufia Governorate it is reported that security forces found 5 homemade explosive vests near a number of polling stations in Sadat City.

In El-Gharbya province, the coalition observers witnessed the arrest by security forces of a lady in front of Mahalla Trade School for Girls . Their reasons were in persuasion for police and military personnel and citizens of voters who are in front of committees.


  • Second: the lack of the phosphoric ink:

In Alexandria Province, the coalition’s monitors observed the lack of the phosphoric ink in the committees of Moharam Bek area and it was replaced with red colored ink.

  • Third: The influence on the will of the voters and the election propaganda:

In El-Gharbya province, the coalition’s observers monitored in front of Ahmed Orabi Preparatory School in El-Mahla, the existence of publicity through tuk-tuks carrying microphones broadcasting the song ( Teslam El-Ayady) , and urge the citizens to vote “Yes”. And also they monitored in the religious institute in El-Mahala complains from the citizens about one of the stuff in the committee directing the voters to vote inside the red circle which states for “No”.

In El-Monofya Province, the observers monitored some individuals using laptops in front of committee No. 39 in El-Ganzour El-Hadytha School showing the voters the voting places and influencing them to vote “No”.

In Minya Province, the observers monitored publicity campaigns roaming Samlot City especially in Abd El-Hady square organized by revolutionary forces urging the voters to vote “Yes”.

In El-Dakhlia province, the observers monitored some women belong to muslim brotherhood in El-Maasara City Belkas Center go to the homes to urge the citizens to vote “No” on the constitution.

  • Fourth: A temporary halt in the voting process:

In Minya province the observers monitored a pause in the voting process in the committee No. 58 in El-Nasr Primary School in Matay Center, which lasted from 10Am till 11Am because the citizens were not organized in front of the committees.

In Kafr El-Sheikh province, the monitors observed that there was a delay in the voting in the committees of the Secondary Girls School in Desouk because the judge didn’t come until 10 Am.

In El-Gharbya Province, the observers monitored a delay in the voting process in the committees No. 35-37 in Abd El-Majid Sherkawy School because of the slow entrance of the voters.

  • Fifth: Violations inside the polling station:

In El-Dakahila province, the observers monitored the accumulation of the voters in front of the absentees committee in the religious institute in Mansoura because they weren’t able to vote since the computer crashed.

In Aswan province, the observers monitored some violations inside the committees in Asfour El-Gabalawy School in El-Mahmodya, represented in the surprise of the citizens by not finding their names in the committees and their transferring to ther committees away from their residence resulting in the verbal exchanges between the citizens and the staff of the committee.

In Luxor Province, the observers monitored some violations inside Om El-Mo’menen Preparatory School in the committees No. 91-92-93-95 which belong to Asna center, the violations represented in the absence of the names of some of the voters in the electoral rolls.

In Minya Province, the observers monitored the presence of some violations inside the committee No. 100 in Kassim Amin Preparatory School in Abu Kerkas, which was the lack of the electoral rolls outside the committees or any directory boards, and the presence of some mistakes and differences in the ID numbers in the voting sheets. And also the observers monitored the integration of all the committees in Abu Helal area in one committee for security reasons which caused the accumulation of the citizens in front the committee.

  • Sixth: mass transfer of voters:


In El-Gharbya province, the coalition observers monitored the transfer of a large amount of voters in front of Nasiriyah primary school committee, they were transferred by a private cars owned by one person to vote “Yes”.

The same thing happened in front of El-Horya School Department committees, where white Toyota microbuses were used to transfer citizens.


It is noteworthy that the ECME combines about 128 human rights and development organizations and associations throughout 27 governorates. The operating room, held at the headquarters of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR), composes of the EOHR, Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR), and Andalus Institute for Tolerance & Anti-Violence Studies.




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