Statement (4) The Outcomes of Monitoring the Referendum Process by the Egyptian Coalition for Monitoring Elections (ECME) The Second Day

January 15th, 2014 by Editor

Higher turnout in the final hours of the second day.

The continuation in the violence acts as an attempt to curtail the voters.

The closure of some committees for security reasons.

Polarization of the voters.

The voting process continued for the second and last day with an increase in the number of voters in the last hours of the day, and also continued amid a series of violations, which varied between, the increasing acts of violence, bullying, and clashes in different areas, the continues impact on the will of the voters and the electoral campaign, and the closure of some committees in Aosim for security reasons.

The operations room of the Egyptian Alliance had spotted various forms of violations over the 2 days of voting as follows, (the delay in opening some of the committees, the acts of violence and bullying, the influence of the will of the voters and election propaganda, errors in the committees, a temporary suspension to the voting process, the lack of the phosphoric ink, a collective vote incidents of the voters, mass transfer of the voters, slowness in the electoral process).

In the same context refers the Egyptian Coalition through the monitoring of the referendum process, and what has been monitored of attempts to disrupt the course of the referendum and the presence of some of the violations that varied or increased in some cases, in different areas, but it does not rise to the degree of impact on the health of the referendum process, but reflect the will of the voters in overcoming any violation or intimidation and their insistence to participate despite the different circumstances.

The coalition observers monitored many of the abuses that marred the referendum process until the release of this report at 9:00 Pm, and it is as follows:


First: violence and bullying acts:


In the province of Fayoum, the coalition observers monitored the occurrence of clashes in the village of Qasr El-Basel Etsa Center between a number of supporters of the Brotherhood and the people of the village during the passage of the Brothers march in front of the Referendum Commission in the village, which resulted in the injury of four people.

In El-Sharkia province, the coalition observers monitored a number of Brotherhood supporters marched in the village of Adwa Hehia Center and cuting the road to the referendum committees and try to intimidate voters and prevent them from participating in the referendum and the security forces pursue them and arrested five of them. , As the coalition observers monitored the two shots fired near the seminary committees El-Husseiniya Center The security forces pursue them and arrested them.

In the province of Dakahlia, the coalition observers monitored the number of supporters of the Brotherhood gathering and organizing a march in the sea street in front of El-Sayad Secondry School committees in Mitt Ghamr in an attempt to disrupt the entry of voters to the referendum and to engage with them and the security forces to disperse them and pursue them.


Second: Influence on the will of voters and the election propaganda:

In the province of Minya, the coalition observers monitored the existence of an incident of directing the voters to vote “yes” through the use of mosque loudspeakers in Marzouk village in Mataai as well as the threat of a fine of 500 pounds for those who abstain.

In the province of Dakahlia, observers monitored the presence of campaigns, propaganda, and guidance to voters in front of the committees (Committee of Farida Hassan School, committee of Nadi El-Mansour Sportive School in Mansoura, Committee in the religious institute, Committee of  Badawi School  in Mohammed Badawi) to vote “yes”.

In El-Gharbya province, the coalition observers monitored a number of people belonging to the “future of the nation” Campaign organizing a March and raising banners for publicity to vote “yes” in front of the Committee of Mohamed Farid School in Tanta.


Third: Temporary Suspension of Voting:

In the governorate of Giza, the observers monitored the suspension of committees in (Aoseem secondary school, Cairo Preparatory School, and Othman Ibn Affan School) after the violence that broke out during the day, prompting the security forces to stop the voting process and the closure of these committees for security reasons starting from 7:00 Pm.

The coalition observers monitored the closure of the committees in Nahia Secondary School for girls Kerdasa center at the seventh because of the violence that marred the Election Day near the headquarters of the ballot.

It is noteworthy that the ECME is composed of about 128 human rights and development organizations and associations throughout 27 governorates. The operations room, held at the headquarters of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR), is composed of the EOHR, Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR), and Andalus Institute for Tolerance & Anti-Violence Studies.



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