The Escalation of violence threatens the Human Rights system in Egypt; the Egyptian Organization condemns the terrorist acts within the Egyptian society.

January 24th, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights strongly condemns the a recent terrorist attacks in Egypt since Friday Morning, January 24th, 2014, emphasizing that such terrorism acts will affect a range of values in the Human Rights system in Egypt as it represents an assault to the package of rights and freedoms established by the international conventions and agreements, most importantly; the  right to live, liberty, security of person, and the right to call the Egyptian authorities to provide protection of the Egyptian citizens from such actions under the law and the principles of human rights recognized.

The organization observed today a number of terrorist operations where the events began in front of the Cairo Security Directorate since six in the morning when the bombing occurred. A car bombed and destroyed the building facade Directorate, in addition to crash a large part of the interior. The explosion caused the uprooting of the front door of the Directorate, also resulted in a hole in the ground depth of 3 meters and diameter of 3 meters, as well as in the crash interface of the Islamic art Museum, and also caused a break down to a number of facades of buildings adjacent to the building. The incident caused the death of four people and injured 86.

And At nine in the morning bombing occurred in El-Bohos area in Giza, by planting a bomb down a tree. Near the stationing of four cars central security perimeter Metro Station El-Bohos, were present to secure the area in anticipation of demonstrations on Friday by the Muslim Brotherhood and the explosion resulted in the death of soldier and wounding many.

In the area of El-Talbia in Giza bombing occurred in front of a school ” El-Shahid Hesham Shta Prep fort Girls ” and next to El-Talbya Police Department at exactly 9:00  Am put a bomb inside a bulletin board in the central island in front of police station, causing no injuries because of law traffic situation . The device exploded in the presence of one armored in front of section where there wasn’t any traffic movement.

As well as a bomb exploded near cinema Radubis in El-Haram, this resulted in the death of a citizen, and injuring 6. Another explosive device was dismantled near the scene.

In another context, the organization monitored the violent clashes between security forces and members of the Muslim Brotherhood in many provinces.

In Beni Suef Five people died in the clashes between the Muslim Brotherhood and elements of the security forces, Beni Suef , which addressed a number of rallies organized by the Muslim Brotherhood today after Friday prayers , which caused violent clashes.

In the area of Hosh Issa in El-Bahira, Two people were killed and dozens wounded on Friday, as a result of clashes between the people and the elements of the Muslim Brotherhood during the march of the group.

Clashes in the streets of Suez in Suez, Friday afternoon, between the Brotherhood and people, where the valiant Street witnessed, violent clashes between supporters of the group and the people of the region after the hunt of the march transit zones of Kuwait and the inspiration of Nile Street. Resulting in injuries including a citizen who was shouting against the Brotherhood was shot in the field canal, and the people rushed to help him and transferred him to a hospital.

In Fayoum the Brotherhood marches launched after Friday prayers and scoured a number of the streets of the city of Fayoum , and during the presence of participants in the march chanted slogans condemning the military and police clashes took place between them and the opposition to them , then the police intervened and violent clashes erupted, where firearms have been used by the supporters of the group , and killed two people and injured eight , and arrested nine members of the group .

In this regard, EOHR asserts that these terrorist attacks perpetrated against a package of human rights in the Egyptian state in order to threaten its existence, stability and security, and that the government should take practical and fast steps to combat the outposts of terrorism, and the need to address the lack of security, and to intensify the security forces and provide sufficient protection for the citizens and vital installations.

In this regard, EOHR calls for the commitment to the international law and the standards in issuing decisions, especially those related to the classification of terrorist organizations that are through decree-law or judicial ruling to the organization on charges of committing the offenses described in the materials Anti-Terrorism Act No. 97 of 1992 to amend the Penal Code, in articles 86.

It also calls for the need to notify the Counter-Terrorism Committee of the United Nations with the actions being taken by the Egyptian government in accordance with Resolution No. 1624 of 2005 on the prohibition of incitement to commit terrorist acts in all cases the State’s obligation to respect human rights.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, president of EOHR, has emphasized that these criminal operations will not affect the determination of the Egyptian people and will not stop the direction that was chosen since the 30th June revolution 2013,  which is  moving forward in the implementation of the future MAP.

He further called for the urgent apprehend of those who commit such crimes that poses a threat to the right to live, liberty, and personal security of the citizens. They should be prosecuted before their natural judge and the announcement of the court proceedings to the media and citizens till the establishment of the state of law in accordance with the international standards on human rights.

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