Back to the violence of the Nineties; The organization condemns the assassination of the Head of the Office of the Minister of Interior.

January 28th, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expresses its deep concern about the increasing acts of terrorism and violence in the country in a clear return to the operations of armed violence, which affected the Egyptian state in the nineties of the last century. And it describes these acts as heinous crimes and acts of terrorism.

The country witnessed in less than a week the assassination of Major General Mohammed Al-Said Director General of the Technical Office of the Minister of the Interior , he was riding his car in El-Talbia area IN El-Haram street in Giza, he was shot , which led to his death , there was a launch of a rocket attacked a helicopter belongs to the Air Force , through the implementation of the work of the raid mandated to assist the military operations led by the armed forces against terrorist elements in northern Sinai , and the incident resulted in the death of each of the              « pioneer aviator Ahmed Nabil Amara, Captain Ahmed Mohammed Abdo , first Lieutenant pilot Ahmad El-Sayed Abu El-Atta , Lt.  Ibrahim Mohammed Salah al-Din Faraj, Assistant Osama Abu El-fattouh Abd El-Razek », and also  explosives were used to blow up the Cairo Security Directorate and research area in Dokki and cinema Radubis in the pyramid and El-Talbia  and the camp of the Central Security camp in Suez and Ismailia Central Security .

The organization asserts that the use of the political Islam groups to the systematic violence in the early nineties against the political leaders and security has not borne fruit at all, but ended up by the recognition of the mistakes, reviews, condemnation of terrorist ideas, atone the other, and his assassination, therefore the return of the supporters of this trend to the use of violence once again is a testament to the bankruptcy of their intellectual and ideological inability to convince the street by their programs and their ability to govern, and therefore resort to violence which will lead inevitably to their  failure.

The organization considers the use of extremist groups to the policy of armed violence through car bombs, and the assassination of the characters is a return and a throwback to the era of terrorism that occurred at the end of the century outgoing, and confirms beyond any doubt that these groups have chosen the option of violence as the only way to deal with the Egyptian government and the Egyptian people.

It also confirms that this option as it continued will lead to the control of the security system on the reins of power in the Egyptian state, and thus sacrifice more rights and public freedoms, which the Egyptian people had fought for in the revolution of the twenty-fifth of January and completed the march in the revolution of the thirtieth of June.

In this regard, EOHR calls for the immediate investigation in the Proceedings of the bombings and assassinations mentioned, and the implementation of an urgent investigations to reach the perpetrators, not only that, but the masterminds and funders of such bombings, which seeks to hit the Egyptian national security and the referral of the perpetrators before their natural judge and to ensure a fair trial for them.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has asserted that these terrorist acts are very dangerous and threaten the rights and public freedoms, since it carries a message of extremist groups about the return of the violence policy to the country again. And the return of these ideas shows ignorance about the learned lessons of history that terrorism did not drop the system and did not help in the democratic transition.

And he further stressed on the need to unite all the civil society power, political forces, and community in order to stand in the face of terrorism, which is trying to storming the state of human rights and the foundations of the Egyptian state.

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