The Egyptian Organization launches the initiative to release the remand prisoners of non-violence Perpetrators.

January 28th, 2014 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights welcomed what came in the speech of the President of the Republic on the claim by the Attorney General, to consider a review to the legal custody and under investigation, especially college students, in order to release those who did not commit crimes or actions forbidden by law after the completion of the investigation.

In this sense EOHR launches initiative for the release of students remand prisoners into account for their young age and in order to preserve their future and the release of all Remand prisoners not involved in violent incidents.

The organization has received numerous complaints from the parents of the students in custody in a pending issues for protesting in the Universities and in the different squares in the country, it was limited to a number of names received by the organization to 94 student, where the organization asserts that the remand arrest represents an assault on the guarantees and rights of the accused set forth and taken into consideration the charters and international legislation , which emphasized the need to restrict pre-trial detention as a precautionary measure to ensure the integrity of the investigation and the course of justice may not be resorted to only in cases of necessity and in accordance with the standards and regulations specific places, law must also take into account what was stated by the Beijing Declaration that the legal systems must take into account the fact of immaturity , emotional and behavioral for young people.

Also the temporary imprisonment of the students is a violation to the demonstrations law, which requires a fine not imprisonment, therefore the organization demands the release of all the remand prisoners in the cases of non-violence crimes.

In this regard, the organization will submit a request to the Chancellor Attorney General includes a list of all Remand prisoners names , which it has received complaints about them to look into their release, in respect to Mr. Chancellor Adli Mansour, President of the Republic speech about  the release of all detainees or Remand prisoners unless committed violence crimes.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has asserted that the remand is kind of robbing a person’s freedom, who is accused of a crime, for a period of time until the completion of the investigation.  Originally being held in custody is considered a punishment therefore it should only be signed by a court order after a fair trial, where the defendant guarantees to defend himself, and as a pursuant to the origin of the assets in criminal trials, and also it is a human right, that it is the origin of human innocence. However, the legislature allowed it to the primary investigator in the investigation as a backup as soon as the investigation begins or while it is in progress.  Prison is backup procedure of investigation and incompatible with the innocence out of the supposed rights. It is an extremely dangerous to be shrouded in a great legislator guarantees and should only be resorted for the investigator in an urgent need not be launched, and also the period of custody shouldn’t be unlimited because it is considered as a violation to the guarantees sought by the international covenants on human rights.



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