The EOHR Calls Attorney General to Investigate Torture of Kalid Elsaid

February 10th, 2014 by Editor

The EOHR expressed deep concern over torture of “Khalid  Elsaid”*, who suffered from attack in Azbakeya, Kasr El-Nile police station and Abu Zaabal prison, demanding an immediate investigation on the incident, and announce the results of the investigation on the public opinion.

The mentioned had been arrested, as well one of his friends, “Nagy Kamel” during the demonstrations in third anniversary celebrations of the Revolution of January 2011. He was taken first to the Azbakeya police station and detained blindfolded in a room that voices yelling out because of the impact of electrocution, which was practiced on the arrested.

According to the testimony of Mr. Khalid’s wife, they also were forced to undress and got shocked in sensitive parts in their bodies. Other detainees had attacked sexually; other forced to stand 16 hours continuously, and not allowed to get any rest or to set down.

Then, they were deported to Kasr El-Nil police station, in which the torture and ill-treatment continued against them.

Ten days later, they were deported to the prison of Abu Zaabal. Once they entered, they had been ordered to take off their clothes; Cold water was poured on them.

Their families also have been denied to enter the medicines, even for those who are suffering fromهل تقصد: تم سكب مياه باردة عليهم كما تم رفض دخول الأدوية حتى لأصحاب الأمراض المزمنة. Chronic diseases.

EOHR is annoyed for using torture against detainees. In this context the organization is demanding the Attorney General to investigate the crime of torture. And, calls for Speed forensic medical examination to individuals who claim that they were tortured or ill-treatment.

The organization also ask for expediting the issuance of the forensic reports to speed the completion of the investigation, and speed the referral of those who found guilty of crimes of torture and ill-treatment to the court.

In this regard, EOHR asks for allowing human rights groups access to police stations and prisons, and to meet to detainees individually, to get information about their treatment inside the prisons. Besides ensuring that the officer who commits the crime of torture will referred to the court, all cases of torture will investigate, and the victims of torture will get immediate and fair compensation ».

In this regard, EOHR calling the Interior Minster to investigate the crimes of torture in police stations and prisons of Egypt, as part of new policy to fight torture in prisons.

From his side, Hafez Abu Seada, President of EOHR, has asserted that torture is a crime that must be eliminated completely because it violates basic human rights: the right to life, liberty and security of persons. Especially the 2014 Constitution states in Article 55 (criminalizing of torture and ill-treatment), as in Article 56 (bans all incompatible with human dignity in places of detention and prisons), And Article 52 which bans all the crimes of torture.

Finally, EOHR calls the Interior Minster and Attorney General to start serious investigation on this crime of torture and bring the perpetrators to trial.





* Khalid  Elsaid is one of 25  January  revolution youth

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